Group Card Games

Card Games
Pitch, Gin Rummy, and other games that are great played in groups.

Benefits of Group Card Games star
As with solitaire, there are benefits in playing group card games. Some benefits you notice right away, and others may take a while to grow on you.

Canasta Basics star
Canasta means basket in Spanish and Uruguay was the country of origin. Canasta is a game using two decks of 54 cards; this will include the jokers. Four players comprising two teams are the players.

Canasta Discards star
This article is on the remaining cards and discards in Canasta. They are a very important part of the game.

Canasta Scoring and Strategy Tips star
Scoring and strategy tips for the game of Canasta.

Forming a Card Club star
Do you want to form a card club, or just be a member? Here are some ways to find card clubs or start your own.

Hearts star
With the game of Hearts, there is no real trump. Each hand or trick deals with the highest card played. One standard 52 card deck is used with no Jokers.

Hosting A Game Night star
Don;t sweat it when it is your turn to host the card games. There are plenty of ideas to keep your fellow card players happy and not at all hungry, so you can all enjoy the game.

Mille Bornes star
A road race game that has been around for generations. This game would make a wonderful gift or a great game to play with family and friends.

Pitch star
Pitch can be played as a team game or each player can play for themselves. This is one game where 4 or 6 players is best; however, you can play with 2 - 7 players. One regular 52 card deck is used.

Rummy star
Rummy is a very easy game to learn, both for children and adults. There are many variations, but we will go over just the basic Rummy game in this article. All you need is one deck of cards and a few players.

Shichi Narabe star
Shichi Narabe Japanese Card Game A version of “Sevens,” this game is played with a standard, western 52-card deck. Lori Chidori Phillips is the Marriage Editor at BellaOnline and was kind enough to share this card game with us.

Something About Me Card Game star
A fun way to get to know other people. All you need is a deck of index cards, a few people and someone willing to be the facilitator.

Something About Me Card Game star
Get to know the people around you with this card game. Guess who has done what with their lives?

Whist star
Whist is a game for four players in two teams. Players sit across from each other and that is how the teams are formed. Ace is high and two is low. The rules are very simple and a trump is chosen at random.

Whoonu Review star
Whoonu is another great game from Cranium. This game helps you get to know your fellow players in a fun and interesting way.

Yahtzee Hands Down star
A card game in stores can be the remedy for a boring night. It is a little less noisy than rolling dice in a barrel and throwing them on the table.

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