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Our Symbols Dictionary will help you find meaning in symbols.

Abstract Ideas - Dream Symbols star
Dreams sometimes speak in a symbols that are not quite so obvious. Here are some ideas and links to articles that may help you find your dream's meaning.

Actions, Events and Behaviors star
The things we do or things that happen in our dreams. Symbols such as falling out teeth, losing things, climbing, falling and being naked are covered here.

Animals star
Many people dream of animals. Learn what the various common animals, such as cats, dogs, lions and so on, tend to mean for dreamers.

Baby Babies Dream Symbol star
When babies appear in dreams, they can represent anything from new life to new projects that you "birth" into this world. They also can depict a part of yourself. Read on for more

Buildings star
Buildings are places we go to feel safe, to worship, to learn, to be healed. A building can be a powerful dream symbol.

Car Cars - Dream Symbol star
A car is our personal transportation vehicle, and what is going on with the car in your dream reflects how your life is going.

Color in Dreams star
Color carries a message just like any other dream symbol. Here are some ideas on what color may mean in your dreams.

Crashes, Wrecks and Accidents - Dream Symbols star
This article explores the meaning of crashes and accidents in dreams.

Death Dreams star
Is the folk tale true? Does dying in your dream mean death in waking life?

Dream Symbols - Colors star
Ideas on colour interpretation in dreams.

Household Objects star
From sinks to bells, clocks to baths, what does it mean when you dream about objects found in a home?

Injuries, Illness, Disabilities star
At times you´ll dream about injuries, illness, deformities and unusual situations. What do these mean?

Movement star
Planes, trains and automobiles as well as elevators and other things that move us are covered here.

Nature star
Are you dreaming about water, about fire, about wind or rain? Here are the forces of nature that often show up in our dreams.

Numbers in Dreams star
This article looks at the significance of numbers in dreams.

People and Characteristics star
Names, gender, occupation, physical characteristics and other aspects. Men, women, the Pope and the police are some of the symbols covered here.

Relationships star
Dreaming about relationships can give you insight into what you want out of life. This could be a marriage, a divorce, a new boyfriend, or much more.

Scary Things star
Guillotines and other frightening symbols are covered here.

Sex and Intimacy star
Sleazy dreams, kissing, romantic sex, rape and wet dreams are some of the symbols covered here.

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