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Orchids with Attractive Foliage
Orchids are known for their flowers but do you know that even their foliage is quite attractive. Some of these orchids have nicely arranged leaves on the stem as well as beautiful leaves.

Facts about Orchids
Orchids, would you like to know what exactly are these plants? Where are they placed in the plant kingdom? What are their morphological features? If yes, then go through the article to jack up your knowledge on basic facts about orchids.

Orchids Newsletter Sign-Up
If you are new to orchid growing, have questions about growing orchids, or simply want to learn more about them, subscribe to our newsletter to get more information. Sign up now!

Orchid Flowering in Nature
Have you seen orchids growing in wild? Flowering orchids in the tropical forests put up a splash of colour, especially in the dry winter months.

Growth requirements of the Terrestrial Orchids
If you have a terrestrial orchid, don't treat it like an epiphytic orchid! The requirements of the terrestrial orchids are different and I have tried to explain that in this article.

Other growth requirements for Epiphytic orchids
What does your orchid really need? Apart from water, what are the other requirements needed by the orchids? Check out these to know how you in grow healthy orchids.

Growth Requirements of Epiphytes
For growing healthy orchids it is necessary to know their requirements. Understand the importance of watering and how to water orchids correctly.

Orchid Ecology
You are planning to grow orchids or you already have an orchid in possession: if you want to be a successful grower, first try to understand their natural habitat and have a peep into the natural ecological conditions of orchids.

Orchids - A Brief Introduction
Orchids are exotic, beautiful and mysterious. But do you really know them? Let me introduce you to the world of Orchids. So that you develop an acquaintance with them first and then go on to become life long friends.

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