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Natural Fertilizer - Azolla
Natural or organic fertilizers not only supply the major nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium but also release micronutrients which are just as important. Unlike Chemical fertilizers they do not create an imbalance in the soil.

Cheaper Alternatives Ingredients In Mericloning
Producing orchid mericlones can be a costly affair. Mainly because many ingredients used in the technique are quite expensive. Agar-agar, a major ingredient, is one such expensive compound. However, tissue culturists have come up with a number of cheaper alternatives to it, some of these are listed

Orchid Mericlones - Why go for this method?
Are mericlones good or are they useless? Read on about the pros and cons of mericloning.

Orchid Mericlones
Something about the orchid mericlones: what are mericlones? How are these produced?

Luisia Trichoriza - Hairy Root Orchid
Luisia trichorhiza is a unique looking epiphytic orchid. It has small but beautiful flowers.

Growing Temperate Orchids In Tropics
Cold weather orchids are accustomed to low temperatures. To grow these in the hot tropics special care is needed.

Orchid Leaves turning Brown
Orchid leaves can turn brown due to a variety of reasons and causes. Here is a short list of how and why the leaves get the brown colouration as well as its prevention and cure.

Fertilizing With Milk
Using milk as a fertilizer for orchids, let's check whether milk is any good or is it just a new fad.

Whitefly Infestation
Whiteflies are one of the persistent pests that start appearing on orchids from late spring or early summers. Some tips how to get rid of the pest.

Edible Orchids
Not just flowers, but orchids are also used as food. Read on to know more.

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