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Pots For Orchids
Orchids have special requirements, so choose your pots carefully. Keep the needs of orchids in mind when buying pots for orchids.

Cattelyas - General Information
Cattleyas are available in all sorts of sizes, large as well as miniature. With many natural, and many hybrids Cattleya orchids are somewhat easier to grow than many other orchids available in the market. Read on to know more on Cattleyas.

Mounting your orchids
Mounting nearly replicates the natural environment, try it for your epiphytic orchids .... and also for other orchids.

Repotting Your Dendrobiums
Planning to repot your Dendrobium? Does the present container look too small for the dendrobium growing in it? Here is the 'how-to repot your dendrobium' successfully.

Aphids and Orchids
Orchids thrive in an environment which is also conducive to the growth of aphids. Read on to know more about the various aspects of aphids infestation, damage caused and control.

Symptoms of Pests and Diseases in Orchids
A diseased orchid will show symptoms of pest infestation and knowing about these symptoms will help you in finding out which pest is troubling your orchid.

Thelasis Pygmaea - Miniature Orchid
Thelasis Pygmaea is a tiny orchid growing in the tropical forests of South Asia. It can be grow for its uniquely shaped pseudobulbs.

Controlling Summer Pests of Orchids
Summer is the season of growth for many orchids ... and most of the pests too. It is helpful to know about the damage caused by these pests and their effective control. Read on to know more.

Watering Orchids
Water requirements of orchids have puzzled orchid growers for long. How to water an orchid? How much to water? When to water? This is decided by a number of factors. What are these, read the article to know more.

Control Orchid Pests and Diseases Natrually
It was Earth day on 22nd April. So, here is an article on natural ways of getting orchids rid of pests and insects.

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