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Help If You Need An Installment Plan To Pay Taxes
Help if you Need An Installment Agreement To Pay Your Federal Income Tax - If you can’t pay your Federal Income Tax Balance Due how do you request an installment agreement to pay your balance in monthly payments over time?

Hippy Hoppity Stimulus Rebates On The Way
Economic Stimulus Package Rebate update. When can you expect to receive your rebate? Hippity Hoppity Rebates are on the way. Sadly they are not being delivered by the Easter Bunny for Easter but the IRS will be delivering them beginning in May. :)

What The Bleep Is Capital Gains Tax?
“Hey, I sold some stock that I bought with my money I got for my high school graduation and wow, I made lots of money. Do I have to do anything with this 1099-B and what the bleep is capital gains tax anyway?”

IRS Notices -Tax Nightmares?
IRS Notices - Tax Nightmares? Sometimes despite your best efforts to prepare a complete and accurate tax return the IRS decides to send you a LETTER or a NOTICE. Do they just need a little clarification or are you experiencing a TAX NIGHTMARE? What should you do?

Taxes & Love - Playing the Player Prince
There’s something to be said about being in the right place at the right time as this reporter has landed the opportunity to interview the 3 estranged wives of Prince Charming about Playing The Player and the Brawl at the Ball...

Is It Considered Taxable Income?
Many, many times throughout the year someone asks me if income that they received is considered taxable for federal income tax purposes. Here are a few of the items that are commonly mentioned followed by the question “Is It Taxable?”

Settlements & Debt Cancellation Can Equal Taxation
It is a sad but true fact that today’s economy has brought about a growing phenomenon related to debt and debt cancellation or forgiveness. So there are some pertinent, relevant facts regarding related potential taxation that a person should know when making this decision.

Economic Stimulus Package Rebate 08 Facts To Date
The first fact is that the facts are confusing related to the Economic Stimulus Package Rebates for 2008. Like many things in life these days even good things come with baggage; in this case confusion is the name for the baggage attached to the 2008 Economic Stimulus Package rebates...

Taxes & Love - A Valentine Masquerade
The Kingdom is buzzing with gossip about the Valentines Day Masquerade Ball. There are signs all over the Kingdom advertising the big event and the wives of the Player Prince are setting a tax trap.

Taxes, Rebates, Recession, Elections, A Woman Pres
A Woman for President; Is it time? Well Yeah NOW does seem to be the right time! Why, because women are the fixers in the world and we need a fixer now.

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