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Narnia - Queen Jadis, the White Witch
Queen Jadis, the White Witch has a spell on Narnia. Snow and ice cover the countryside. Queen Jadis uses Edmund Pevensie to spy and deceive his brother and sister. She uses the candy, Turkisk Delight, to control him.

Maisy - Amazing Big Book of Learning
In Maisy's Amazing Big Book of Learning Maisy learns numbers, shapes, letters and patterns.

Christmas Advent Activity
Start a new Christmas advent tradition. Wrap up 24 Christmas books in pretty Christmas paper. They should represent a variety of interest levels and actual sizes of the books.

MTH - A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time #44
In A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time Jack and Annie travel to Victorian England and encounter Charles Dickens. Will they be able to help the great writer?

The New House in the Forest - Book Review
The Jenks family wants to build a new home, but each has a different idea about where their new house should be built: near town, near electricity, near running water, or near where the animals live.

MTH - Morgan le Fey - Library 1-28
Morgan le Fay owns the Magic Tree House library books. She is the one who sends Jack and Annie on their first 28 adventures. Morgan le Fay. Read them in order and gather clues to solve puzzles.

Wordless Books
Children’s Book Week is celebrated the week before Thanksgiving. A fun activity with your children is to help them make their own books to celebrate the week.

Snowflakes in Winter
Snowflake books are amazing. Did you know that no two snowflakes are alike? Did you know that someone took a photography of an actual snowflake? You can learn and enjoy!

The Life and Times of Clara Barton - Book Review
Clara Barton was known as the Angel of the Battlefield. At that time in history, (the eighteenth century) a woman was expected to marry. Clara Barton defied these conventions. She didn’t marry, was educated and worked. She did a man’s job and demanded a man’s wage.

Surprise Island - book review
The Alden Family/Boxcar Children series continues with Surprise Island. The Alden children spend summer vacation on the family's private island.

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