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Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter´s back and so is another year at Hogwarts. Under the new direction of Alfonso Cuaron, moviegoers will be immersed in the dark world of wizardry. Secrets and lies, as well as truths will be revealed in this third installment.

Mean Girls
Fitting into high school isn´t an easy task for anyone, especially for Cady Heron. Find out how this former home-schooler, now public-schooler, finds her place in her new environment.

Finding Nemo Is Still A Winner
It follows a clown fish down the east coast of Australia. It features the voices of Albert Brooks and Ellen DeGeneres. And, it also triumphed at the box office around the world. But to put the icing on the cake, it won Best Animated Feature at the Academy Awards.

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The Lion King 1 1/2
Watch hilarity reign supreme in the update to The Lion King, The Lion King 1 1/2! See how the unsung heroes of the savanna, Timon and Pumbaa saw the happenings in the story. Their perspective wasn't quite the same as the original story. For more of what to expect from The Lion King 1 1/2, read on

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London
Agent Cody Banks is back! But, this time his adventure is taking him to London. Read more about what Cody's up to and why his adventure is taking him so far from home.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Lola feels like her entire life isn't worth living when she's whisked away from The Big Apple and dropped smack dab in the middle of a cultural wasteland, otherwise known as suburban New Jersey. Will this New York doll be able to make it as a jersey girl? And, will she be able to achieve her lon

The Perfect Score
What if you found out that life wasn´t so simple and you couldn´t have everything you wanted? What if you had to figure out a thing or two about life? What if you felt that your future was unfairly dictated by the results of a test? Find out how six students planned to beat the system and have a

Teacher's Pet
When Spot Helperman finally finds a way to become a "real boy", things don´t work out as planned. And, it´s up to Leonard Helperman and his pets to help Spot out of the "tight spot" that he finds himself in. Find out more about this movie and its hilarious antics.

Catch That Kid
Their specialists in their field. Their task is simple. Their methods are ingenius. Their plan is even foolproof. And, they´re not even old enough to drive. They´re are Maddy, Gus and Austin in Catch That Kid.

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