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Death on the Nile
Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile for the PC is sort of a combination of Where's Waldo with a few mini-games and memory tests. The Death on the Nile aspect is more an environment for the puzzles than a re-creation of the novel.

Optimizing your PC for Computer Games
With just a few simple steps, your computer could run MUCH more quickly - and play your favorite games with much more ease. You might be able to kick the graphics level up a notch or two!

Lord of the Rings Online
Pretty much every fantasy computer game that exists owes at least some of its content to the famous Lord of the Rings series by JRR Tolkein. It's no surprise that there is finally an online MMORPG based in this world.

Warhammer Mark of Chaos
Warhammer - Mark of Chaos involves thousands of soldiers in a fantasy world clashing against each other. Elves, Goblins, Skaven and Humans battle it out for supremacy of the known world.

Medieval II - Total War
Medieval II Total War allows you to fight throughout the European world during Roman Empire / Venice / young England times. You get a wide variety of troop types, weapons and armor suited to the medieval years.

Joint Task Force
Joint Task Force lets you control tanks, infantry, harriers in more in a variety of battlefield situations.

Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes is a squad based World War II real time strategy game. Instead of commanding individual soldiers, you command squads.

Nancy Drew Danger by Design
Bonjour! Welcome to Nancy Drew: Danger by Design, the 14th game in the acclaimed Nancy Drew computer game series.

Games for Windows - The Official Magazine
One of the oldest gaming magazines, Computer Gaming World, has changed its name. It is now Games for Windows - The Official Magazine. What is this magazine like?

Sony Vaio PCG-K23 Laptop Review
The Sony Vaio had by far the crispest and clearest screen out - I was really thrilled with its clarity and crispness of letters to read. Even after 3 years, I am still really pleased with how easy the screen is to read, how crisp everything is.

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