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Winter Kitchen Gardens
If your winters are not too severe you can successfully grow winter vegetables just outside your kitchen door. Here are some suggestions for growing fresh garden goodies all winter long.

Living Christmas Trees
You can easily grow a dwarf conifer in your container garden to use as your Christmas tree for many years. Special care is needed when moving indoors to ensure your tree's health. Here are the tips you need to grow a healthy Container Christmas Tree for many years to come.

Winter Container Care
Wintering over your garden can take considerable preparation and care if you live in a climate where freezes are common. Even protecting from the occasional freeze in warm zones is a must for tender perennials. Here are tips for winter garden care so your plants will survive strong and healthy.

Halloween Decor for Containers
With the coming of Fall a lot of your containers will start to look ragged. You can easily dress them up for decorating your porch or entry by adding a few fall flowers, autumn bouquets of silk or plastic, and harvest vegetables. Here are some ways to turn your dying plants into Autumn Wonders!

Espalier - How to Trellis a Tree
Do you have a sunny wall perfect for fruit but too narrow for a tree? Do you have an unsightly garden area you would like to beautify? Then espalier a tree! Espalier is the art of training a shrub or tree to be flat against a surface, and can be the perfect solution for a narrow area.

Potting Soil Specialized Recipes
Different plant types have different needs: sun/shade requirements, water, temperature, nutrients. Soil requirements differ also – cactus prefer very well drained soil, azaleas prefer acidic, iris like alkaline soil. Here are recipes to make your potting soil match the needs of whatever you grow.

Hanging Baskets and Wall Planters
Hanging baskets and wall planters can be used to grow flowers, herbs, and even smaller vegetables and fruits. Due to their small size they dry out easily. Here are suggestions for container materials, planting tips and soils to make your baskets the most beautiful ever.

Window and Railing Boxes
Window and railing boxes add to your container garden space. They can grow flowers, herbs, and even smaller vegetables and fruits. They can also be a challenge to keep well-watered. Here are the tips and tricks for you to make your window and railing boxes both bountiful and beautiful.

Potting a Tree in a Container
Fruit and ornamental trees are a wonderful addition to your container garden. Here are step-by-step instructions for planting bare-root, burlapped, or container-grown trees, and for caring for your newly-planted tree.

Bulbs - Iris
Did your Bearded Iris not bloom well this year, or not bloom at all? Are your iris plants so crowded that it looks like the rhizomes are trying to crawl out of their container? Then it’s time to divide and replant. Here are step-by-step instructions for reviving your iris.

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