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How Much Is That Doggie in the Window
Perhaps the doggie should stay in the window if you are buying this animal on impulse. Have you done your homework? How big is the animal going to get? Can you meet its social needs? Can you afford all the equipment, food, and medical care? Don't give exotic pet owners an undeserved bad name.

Cancer - Animals
Are there alternatives to standard cancer treatments? If so who would I contact? What causes cancer in animals? Also, an amazing pet Bald Eagle story.

Cancer - Pets - Cancer in Animals
You’re cuddling with your pet and you detect a lump or a bump. It could be cancer and you need to consult with your veterinarian if it doesn’t go away in a few days. What to expect if your pet has cancer, in addition, early detection, and prevention.

Starter Pets - For Children
Rodents, including the rat, hamster, gerbil and mouse are increasing in popularity because they require no vaccinations and take up very little space. Many of these pets are given as presents, but please make sure your youngsters are prepared for the responsibility! They are not throw away pets!

Prairie Dog - Prairie Dogs as a Pet
Why are exotic pet prairie dog popular as pets? Because, when acquired young they are delightful, social little critters that make wonderful companions. I just spent two weeks submersed in the prairie dog world and I have to admit I am smitten. However, there is a ban on prairie dogs I disagree with

Civet Coffee - Kopi Luwak
Do you want to know what the best coffee in the world is? The most expensive coffee in the world? The caviar of coffee it is also low in caffeine. An exotic pet must be thanked for this remarkable coffee, once thought to be a myth - civet coffee called Kopi Luwak also known as poop coffee!

Civets - Civet Cat
A civet or civet cat is a beautiful long-tailed spotted critter. When acquired young they are quite tamable and can be a great pet for the right person. They aren�t good fashion coordinators because they wear clashing spots with strips. Civets make the best cup of coffee in the world.

Critter Camp Pepsi Refresh Everything
Just as human babies are abandoned and abused, pets and exotic pets sometimes meet the same fate. Critter Camp, Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary exists to give a home to these animals. Let’s help their very modest wish come true. Learn about Critter Camp and the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest.

Ferret Adrenal Disease - Shedding?
You begin to notice your ferret is losing its hair. His or her little tail looks naked like a rat. The ferret has no energy and is beginning to lose weight. This could be ferret adrenal disease and it is not a death sentence for most ferrets. The treatment which isn’t necessarily that expensive...

Raccoon - Raccoon Roundworms
Have you thought about parasites, worms that can invade your brain causing blindness, paralysis, and even potential death? Many animals can be host to this deadly roundworm – the raccoon roundworm. Your dog, your child, birds, and many mammals can all be a host to this deadly parasite.

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