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Dietary Needs - Death by Ignorance
Reptiles aren’t the only animals that benefit from an insect diet. I have found that using a 50%-50% insect and plant matter diet greatly enhances an exotic mammal’s heath, especially the skunk. This alleviates some of the problems found in skunks. But, the quality of purchased insects is awful.

Trimming Claws
Imagine how bad an ingrown nail hurts. Imagine an overgrown claw that curls and grows into an animal’s foot pad. All pets need foot care. This article covers how to trim an animal’s nails, preventing infection, restraint, quality nail clippers, control bleeding, how to avoid bleeding and much more.

Afterlife and Pets
Will we see our beloved pets again when we give up our physical bodies? I would like to think so. I think I have proof that we will. In reality, pets, and exotic pets have souls just as we do. There is scientific evidence and also confirmation in many revered books that prove animals have souls.

Alpha Male is a Fairytale
There is much training material based on untrue and obsolete research on wolves and the alpha male. We were wrong about the gerbil. What else are we doing wrong raising and training our exotic pet, dog, or cat. Learn how to properly raise and train any animal. They must be healthy, happy, and safe.

Hermit Crab Facts
Learn about hermit crab information, hermit crab facts, land hermit crabs, hermit crab molting, hermit crab food, the pet hermit crab, supplies, and hermit crab accessories. See hermit crab pictures. Land hermies can’t be bred please consider hermit crab adoption from a hermit crab rescue.

Raccoon - Pet Raccoon
The raccoon is intelligent, mischievous, fun, in addition destructive, may bite, and scratch. You will also see part of my pet raccoon family that I adore; lots of cute raccoon pictures. I personally love these exotic pets, everything about them, their personalities, their antics, even their odor.

Green Eggs and Chickens
Sometimes we don’t intentionally go out to find a pet, exotic pet or otherwise. Sometimes we find each other. Considering I had grown up on a ranch, in my youth, I never thought of a chicken as anything other than a farm animal. That is, until I fell in love with my pet chicken.

Exotic Pet Blunders
Perhaps some lessons can be painful, especially when it comes to making mistakes that causes an illness or even the death of an exotic pet. Exotic pets were a big part of my life when I was a young child. Some of these pets included a red eared slider turtle, an alligator, and a parakeet.

Barometric Pressure Affect on Animals
Barometric pressure affects our pets, it affects us, it affects our fishing trips and whether we will have a successful fishing trip or not. Why does it cause agitation and distress in our exotic pets and pets? What specifically have you noticed and what have you done about it?

Coatimundi - Pet Coatimundi
The coatimundi or coati can be a great exotic pet for some people. The coati can be very affectionate but are highly active and can be destructive. The coati is active in the day and is an omnivore. Find coati breeders and learn to take care of the coatimundi. Enjoy coatimondi pictures.

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