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Our Pet’s Passing They will Always be Remembered
If your child has lost their first pet or if you have lost your beloved pet, the time of their passing is painful. Here you will find product reviews and products such as mementos, beautiful urns, and books to help you cope.

Save Money on Pet Care
How can you save money on pet care without skimping on your pet; using a little imagination and a lot of common sense? How to keep your pet healthy, low cost, or free veterinarian care, the importance of pet insurance, making your own toys and a bunch more creative ideas.

Exotic Pet Shop
Here you will find what you need rodent supplies, rat supplies, mouse supplies, hamster supplies, bird supplies, parrot supplies, rabbit supplies, ferret supplies, reptile supplies, bird cages, parrot cages, pet odor, amphibian supplies, insect supplies, amphibian supplies, all exotic pet supplies.

Ferret Helps Disabled Man
Ferret is a Service Animal to a Man with Disability, and according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Bella, the ferret may well be a service animal. Just as monkeys help give independence and hope to those who had little hope before.

Guide to Exotic Pets - Book Review
The photographs are beautiful; the text is clear, concise, and easy to understand, with uncomplicated guides for each species. I do have at least one major concern about this book and that is very little is said about taking animals out of the wild and keeping them as pets.

Praying Mantis - Care for the Praying Mantis
This article includes care instructions for the praying mantis, as well as an introduction of the praying mantis as an exotic pet. How to care for the praying mantis.

Panasonic BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless
For safety concerns, you can keep an eye on your beloved pet. Or, if you are curious what they do when you are not around; this is the perfect little device. I love mine. We started with one to watch the ferrets, we got a second to keep track of our two-year old. They work better than a baby monitor

Ferret Clothing
Ladybug and honey bee costumes for ferrets just how cute is that? Give your imagination a try with do it yourself costumes. Warm winter clothing and a taste of Christmas for your ferrets.

101 Facts about Ferrets : Book Review
Book review: 101 Facts about Ferrets, a delightfully illustrated book full of interesting and useful information about ferrets and the care of ferrets.

Bearded Dragon - Bearded Dragons Care
The bearded dragon has a naturally tranquil nature, and is one of the exotic pets choosen because of his or her personality. They are a beautiful lizard; each bearded dragon unique in appearance. They don’t grow as big as the iguana. This article covers information and care of the bearded dragon.

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