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Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins DVD - Review
Any child that wants a pet or has a pet should see the DVD; Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins - A Kid's Guide to Happy, Healthy Pets. It is jammed pack full of great information on responsibility, cost of pets, time it takes to take care of pets, and much more in a fun approach with music and dance.

Cages for Primates and Large Cats
Enclosures and cages for cats, non domestic cats, great cats, tigers, lions, primates, monkey, monkeys, walk in cages with safety doors, heated den boxes. Includes supplies needed to build cages or enclosures for cats and primates.

Rat - Pet Rats
Rats are sweet! They are excellent beginner pets for children. Especially, kids during the stage where they need a trusted friend. Young children should be supervised around the rat. The pet rat are a good choice as a pet if you live in an apartment where you can't have a dog, cat, or even a skunk.

Striped Skunk
Striped skunks do not carry rabies. This is a dangerous myth. The striped skunk can become infected with rabies like any other warm-blooded mammal. A skunk helps with rat and pest control keeping disease in check. Learn how to keep skunks away from your house, also how to remove skunk smell.

Hedgehog - Pet Hedgehog
The hedgehog is a wonderful little pet. They are a nocturnal animal and it maybe better if you're not the early to bed type of person. You would only end up with enough time to wave a friendly hello to your little pet. Their quills are not sharp like a porcupine; the feel is more like a hair brush.

Micro Pig - TeaCup Pig - Mini Pig
The latest pet craze in the United Kingdom is the Micro Pig, Mini Pig, or Teacup Pig! I assure you that we will be hearing a lot more about the micro-pig in the United States very soon. This small pig is said to make a loving pet. How to take care of a Micro-Pig or Teacup Pig.

Gecko - How to Care for a Gecko
Geckos make an interesting exotic pet. With so many species of gecko lizards, ranging from diurnal to nocturnal, you have to consider which gecko will fit in best with your lifestyle. Educate yourself before purchasing any pet or exotic pet. The lizard can make very fascinating pets. Lizard supplies

Wallaby - Wallabies - Pet
Wallabies are marsupials that look like a kangaroo but are smaller. The greatest populations would be found in Australia and New Zealand. Care and information on Wallabies.

Preparing Pets for a Winter Emergency
If you had a huge ice storm tonight that knocked out your electricity for five days would your exotic pets survive? What if it was 108 in the shade and the electric went out, again what pets do you have that may die? This article explains what you will need to keep you and your pets alive.

Pygmy Jerboa as a Pet
Information and care on the pygmy jerboa. Video link for the pygmy jerboa, including a video on tiny baby pygmy jerboas. In addition, there are possible breeders and sellers of the pygmy jerboa. Pygmy Jerboa as a Pet.

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