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Ferret Hoodie - Ferret Fur Lined Jacket - Review
Ferret clothing is a real plus to your ferret retaining body heat. It is essential to keep warm in the winter. This hoodie (Marshall Ferret Sweatshirt) and the Marshall Ferret Parka Jacket with Fur Trimmed Hood are not only indispensable, has cool factor and is also a Halloween costume!

How to Make Halloween Costumes for Pets
How to make a homemade costume for your pet, or if you're not so crafty purchase a Halloween pet costume! Pet Halloween costumes are the new rage! Pets dressed as people, children dressed as animals, exotic pets, and pets dressed to look like each other. Keep it simple and easy. Pictures included.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach - Pet
The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach is an excellent pet. Insect pets are very popular. The giant hissing cockroach also known as hissers are great beginner insect pets because they are mild, don't bite and are easy to care for. They are very fascinating unlike common roaches. Hissers are wingless.

Capybara - Pet Capybara
A Capybara looks somewhat like a guinea pig but only a whole lot bigger. They can be wonderful exotic pets for the right person. They are semi-aquatic so you must provide a clean pool. You must consider their social needs because they are a social animal. Rodents can be wonderful pets!

Miniature Pig - Help Save Hammy - Act Now!
Exotic pets breaking news! YOU can help save Hammy! Hammy is a potbellied pig. HELP There is a problem in CO where a pet potbellied pig who has lived his entire life of 14 yrs is being outsted for being over weight. He isn't health wise but by county code. We need people email and call asap.

Herp Owners - Exotic Pets - Take a Stand!
Herp enthusiasts take a stand along my side to stand up for the right to own exotic pets including lizards, snakes, amphibians, frogs, and turtles. Part of this stand is putting in a little of your time to help turn things around through education. I know I take exotic pet education very seriously!

Fainting Goats - Exotic Pets
Is it possible a fainting goat is real? Do they really become stiff legged and plop over on their side when frightened? Do they make good exotic pets? MythBusters from Discovery Channel took on the myth. What did they discover? See Fainting Goat images and a Fainting Goat video! Don't miss it :)

Warning Exotic Pet Owners - You're Watched
In the news! You are being watched by authorities. Are you selling exotic animals illegally on the internet on a list like Craigslist? Have you posted your picture with an exotic pets, live in a illegal state, then posted it online? These people are being arrested too! Beware!

Goji Berry - Super Food
I have been experimenting growing and testing the nutritional qualities of the Goji berry, Goji leaves (great in salad) for the last several months. It is one of the healthiest food you can feed birds, exotic pets, and humans! See Goji images - Goji pictures of blossoms, plants, and berries!

Cages - Enclosures - Non Domestic Cats
Housing a large cat or non-domestic cat is for your safety, neighbors safety, safety for your cat and to conform to the law.

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