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Christmas Prayer for Pets
I wrote the Christmas Prayer for Pets because of the agony I feel from abandoned and abused pets every day. It breaks my heart. As the holidays approach I continue to do what I can for animals but I also wonder what I can do to change the cruel humans that make these animals suffer.

Ferrets - Ferrets as Pets
This is the beginning of an extensive series on the pet ferret. Ferrets are the third most popular pet. I think you will find this ferret series interesting and informative. Where did the domestic ferret originate? You may be surprised! Will eating grains, plants, or vegetables harm them?

Animals as Gifts - Why Not?
Animals given as gifts is a much discussed topic. Can you give the gift of an animal for a holiday gift? A pet can make a good gift if it is done properly. This article will tell you exactly how and what! How do you feel about animals given as gifts?

Thanksgiving Turkeys – No Recipe Needed
We all like our Thanksgiving turkey prepared in different ways. Meet a special animal and Happy Thanksgiving!

Exotic Pet Laws - Be Proactive!
Extinction does mean gone forever! Our ecosystem is unraveling where will it end? Exotic pet captive breeding programs may be the only answer to the extinction of many species of animals. We must also protect the extinction of all species of life. Only five percent of known plant species have bee

Scorpions - Pet Scorpion
An exotic pet scorpion is a fascinating pet. Learn about pet scorpions. The beautiful Emperor scorpion is a popular scorpion to have as a pet. Learn how to tell the difference between a male and a female. Learn how the scorpion gives birth. Learn about the specific care requirements. How poisonous?

Winter Blizzards - Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Are you prepared if a winter blizzard should strike? Do you have pets or exotic pets that are susceptible to frigid temperatures? Are you prepared to protect your pets from the cold? Do you understand carbon monoxide poisoning; it can kill animals, as well as humans, a silent but deadly killer.

Falconry - Birds of Prey
Does the art or sport of falconry fascinate you? It is very much alive and well. Learn more about falcons, hawks, hawkers, birds of prey, and the incredible relationship they have with their majestic birds of prey! Do you have what it takes for falconry? How do you get started? Find clubs?

Genet - Pet Genet
The Small Spotted Genet or the Common Genet is a popular exotic pet. They have many characteristics with the common house cat or the civet. They sport a spotted body and a ringed tail. They are agile, great climbers, highly intelligent, and curious. They are able to stand on their two front legs…

Halloween – Exotic Pets Not Invited
You wouldn’t believe some of the awful things I have seen happen to exotic pets or traditional pets at Halloween, especially Halloween parties. Unless it is a small family get-to-gather Exotic Pets not invited! How can you avoid these disasters?

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