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Lumines - PSP Puzzle Game
Lumines is a great puzzle game in the tradition of Tetris. Not only is it really fun in single player, it´s truly addictive in multiplayer as well!

Sony PSP Handheld
The Sony PSP came out on Thursday, March 24th and by the weekend it had sold 1 million units. These new handhelds are simply amazing in what they can do!

Ninendo DS NDS-15 Carrying Case
The Nintendo DS clamshell design means it is pretty sturdy. Still, it´s great to have a case to carry it and all its games around in!

Zoo Keeper DS
Zoo Keeper is a simple puzzle game for the DS that is fun for casually passing the time. It´s great for kids, but might get monotonous for adults.

Mr. Driller - Drill Spirits Nintendo DS
Some games are complex - and some are just fun! Drill Spirits is great puzzle fun in the Tetris theme - but with more of a dig dug sort of problem.

Super Mario 64 DS
The first great game for the Nintendo DS system is Super Mario 64 DS. This combines the great fun of Super Mario with the wireless play of the DS!

Nintendo DS dual screen handheld
The sequel for the GameBoy Advance, the Nintendo DS features two screens of gameplay, and a folding clamshell design to protect those screens from harm.

Urbz on Nintendo DS
Urbz is billed as an edgy, street savvy version of the Sims. The characters wear hip clothes and have a different aim in life - to have fun!

Dragon Ball Z - Buu's Fury
“Dragon Ball Z: Buu’s Fury” for the Game Boy Advance is the third game in the “Legacy of Goku” series. The game tells the events of the last third of the Dragon Ball Z series.

Pandemonium for N-Gage
Pandemonium is a side-scrolling type of game with nice graphics and interesting replayability. Aim for higher scores and faster times!

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