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Separating the Person from Politics
Despite how we may feel about issues and policies, we should be able to separate the person from politics.

Espionage, Terrorism and WikiLeaks
With even more documents being leaked through WikiLeaks, should the founder be charged with espionage? Is this an act of terrorism?

Thankful for Our Abundance
As Anericans we have an abundance of things to be thankful for.

Is Homeland Security Going Too Far?
Is Homeland Security going too far with the pat-downs and scanners with full body images?

A New Battle Is About to Begin
A new battle is about to begin as the parties will be pitted against each other. The outcome of the 2010 elections is going to create more fire in government.

Republicans Overtake the House
The results are in and the Republicans have overtaken the House. What have the American people stated?

United We Stand - Divided We Fall
Lots of mud slinging and a lack of integrity seems to be the bigger news as we face elections in one week. Is all of this really good for our country?

Has Politically Correct Gone Too Far?
Has being politically correct gone too far? If you saw the fireworks between ladies on "The View" and Bill O'Reilly you might think so.

A Broken America - Book Review
A book review of "A Broken America," a book written about what has happened to this country and how it can be fixed.

Do Rights Rule Over Responsibility?
While the first amendment protects our right to free speech, does that mean expressing our rights rules over using responsibility?

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