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What is Wing Chun?
Who says women can´t make good fighters? Wing Chun, a form of Chinese Martial Arts, is based on a single woman... if you believe legends. Join me in exploring this form of Martial Arts as we celebrate Women´s History Month.

My Student, My Teacher
Just as in life, you never know where your next lesson will come from. So in both life and Martial Arts, remember your student can also be teaching you important lessons.

What is Kenpo?
Kenpo is an interesting style of Martial Arts in that it shows how cultures can merge and benefit with learning from one another.

Ong-Bak - The Thai Warrior
There´s a great buzz both inside and outside the Martial Arts world for this new movie. Find out more information about it here.

Five Elements in Martial Arts
The five elements are an important aspect of Martial Arts, especially for those practicing in the Internal arts. Learn more about what they are, what they represent, and how they appear in Martial Arts.

Martial Arts Interview with GrandMaster Glenn C Wilson
It is my honor to present to you GrandMaster Glenn C Wilson, an accomplished Martial Artist and head of the Pai Lum Tao organization.

What is Muay Thai?
Learn more about this traditional form of Thai Boxing, the national sport of Thailand, which is taking root in the Western world as well.

A Proper Martial Arts Stance
One of the first things a Martial Artist learns is how to stand. Learn more about what you gain from this training and a basic stance known as the Square Horse.

What is Kendo?
Come explore the art of Japanese Sword fighting. Having not received a great deal of recognition in the past, it is growing in popularity and offers unique and new opportunities for people to get involved in Martial Arts.

Internal vs. External
If you've been following the 'What Is...' series for Martial Arts, you may be wondering what does it mean to be an Internal or External art. Find out more about the distinction and why they are both important in your training.

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