Martial Arts Interview with GrandMaster Glenn C Wilson

Martial Arts Interview with GrandMaster Glenn C Wilson
Name:Glenn C. Wilson
Title:SiTaiGung (GrandMaster)
Credits:Grandmaster - Gong Yuen Chuan Fa Pai Pao Lung Gar
Professor - Bok Leen Pai Kenpo
Master - Pai Te Lung Chuan Kung Fu
Master - Kuan Yin Chi Kung
Master - Shaolin Chuan Fa - Moi Fa
Chairman of the Board - White Dragon Warrior Society, Inc.
World Champion - Hall of Famer
Disciple of Dr. Daniel Kane Pai

It is my honor to present to you GrandMaster Glenn C Wilson, who is also the head of my Martial Arts family. He is the heart and soul of Pai Lum Tao and there isn't enough good things I can say about him.

CB: Thank you, SiTaiGung, for this opportunity for this interview. As we discussed prior to our interview, this column has many visitors, both new and experienced in Martial Arts. One of the things that I'm always curious about is how people got started in Martial Arts. Can you tell us a little bit about your story?

GW: I began training on my 10th birthday in Judo. I then trained in other styles and eventually in the Chinese Martial Arts. I saw a demonstration of some masters and I was spell bound. I knew that I wanted to train for the rest of my life.

CB: If I remember what you've told us, you interest really start sooner but your father had wanted you to prove yourself to be more disciplined before he would allow you to train. Now, I won't disclose your age here but starting at ten-years-old is a long time to train. Any advise for my readers how to keep going in Martial Arts for so long?

GW: It is not always easy to get up and go train. One must keep it fun and maintain a positive attitude with their training. The benefits are many and your training can become a private place to go to get away from stress and pressures of life.

CB: What is your proudest moment in Martial Arts?

GW: Watching my students perform and compete as well as watching a new Sifu receive their black sash. Nothing is more rewarding than watching others feel the passion for our style.

CB: One of the things I've heard others in the Martial Arts community refer to you as is Glenn "the Knife" Wilson. Where did this name come from?

GW: During my competition days in the 70's I became well known for my weapons performances. At that time you did not see too many people that were proficient with weaponry and I guess I stood out. Weapons have always been one of my favorite aspects of the martial arts, it takes extreme concentration and focus.

CB: I've actually had the pleasure of seeing some of these performances in videos and indeed you don't often see that level of weapons performance even today. I'm amazed at how easy you make it seem. Speaking of today, Martial Arts has undergone quite a few changes over the last few years. What are your thoughts on where it's heading and what the future my bring?

GW: I believe as in all sports and arts, people are getting better and the Martial Arts is evolving. I sincerely hope that during our evolution we don't loose the very core of the arts. That is tradition encompassed with honor, loyalty and professionalism.

CB: Thank you SiTaiGung for this discussion. I hope some new and old students find inspiration in your words and keep on training. Any parting words for my readers?

GW: I would say to enjoy every day of your life and live with high standards. When you have a martial art active in your life it will help you to overcome obstacles and challenges. Your art should be like a friend, there for you when you need it and a loyal comfort.

This is the first in a series of interviews with Martial Artists from around the world. Are you a Martial Artist and would like to participate? Please send me an email to find out how.

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