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Missing Persons Review
When a Chicago television producer was accused of murdering her estranged husband, she wondered if she could find the real culprit before she became the main topic of a future episode.

Holly Blues Review
While China Bayles prepares for Christmas and continues to get used to the addition of her niece to the family, an ill wind blows Brian's mom into the mix. China and Mike reluctantly get involved when danger and bodies hit too close to home.

Wormwood Review
China heads to a historic Shaker village with a friend for a little R and R, and soak up the history. Instead, she finds herself involved in yet another murder.

Dixie Divas Review
First cousins Trinket Truevine and Bitty Hollandale are in a bit of a mess when the body of Bitty's ex-husband ends up in her hall closet. Can the Dixie Divas find out why his body keeps showing up in odd places before the local police throw away the key to Bitty's jail cell?

Sentimental Me Review
Insurance fraud investigator Charles Stone heads off on an assignment that he believes is a piece of cake. Little does he know it could end up costing him his life.

Caused and Effect Review
Trooper Linda Baldwin seeks to bring sexual predators to justice. As she digs deeper into a recent case she witnessed she finds more than she bargained for, and soon finds herself confronting her own stalker.

Bedeviled Eggs Review
As the Cackleberry Club gals are preparing for Halloween, Chuck Peebler is struck down as he is leaving the club. Who would want the lead mayoral candidate dead, and why?

Nightshade Review
China Bayles and her husband Mike McQuade search for a dangerous killer in this final book of an exciting trilogy regarding the death of China's father.

Scones & Bones Review
A search for a missing treasure connected with the infamous pirate Blackbeard leads Theodosia on a quest to stop yet another murder while finding a possible new love interest.

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff
Now officially licensed PI's, James and Skip are hired by a carnival owner to catch whoever caused a string of accidents and at least one death. But, can the guys stay alive long enough to finish the assignment?

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