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The Move to Windows Vista
It finally happened - I bought a new machine and in the process took the plunge into Windows Vista - Microsoft's new operating system. After reading the reviews of Vista I was hesitant to upgrade but had no choice with the new computer - here is my quick write-up of my first thoughts of Vista.

Windows XP Firewall
It is vital to protect your computer from threats and intruders from the Internet. Windows XP comes with a built-in firewall to help protect your system and block unwanted access. Come learn how to activate and configure the Windows XP firewall.

Manage User Accounts in Windows XP
Basic procedures for managing your user account in Windows XP. Change your icon, password or user name in Windows XP.

Computer Easter Eggs Exposed
Software developers/programmers sometimes hide "Easter Eggs" in the software they create which are typically programs that are activated by series of keystrokes. They can include games, credits or jokes. The best part is that they can be fun for the user - this article tells you where to find them.

Computer Troubleshooting Checklist
Everyone faces a computer issue or problem at some point and though it is frustrating it is not always a major catastrophe. When a problem strikes use this basic checklist to help diagnose and repair basic computer problems - all without a geek!

Recovering From a Computer Crash
System crashes can happen to anyone regardless of computer skill. The most important recovery tool is the original system disk and a good backup - but that is not always the case. This is article but my experience with recovering a system with the next article a review of the software I used.

Must Have Free PC Utilities
There are many utilities that are installed on a computer but many of them only offer some basic tools. With a little research and some time you can find thousands of free utilities that can improve or enhance your computing experience. This article covers a couple of the more popular utilities.

Simple Steps for Green Computing
Help improve the environment while reducing energy costs by following some quick steps to green computing. It is easier than you think to change your computer habits to more environmentally safe and friendly habits - just takes a little adjustment!

Cleaning and Maintaining a Personal Computer
Dust, dirt and grime are the enemies of a computer. If left alone the dust and dirt can start to cause issues with the computer or components of the computer. Perform a quick spring cleaning of your computer, keyboard, mouse and printer to help improve performance and increase system life.

Windows XP System Configuration Utility
Trying to determine what is wrong with a computer can be a difficult task but with the Windows System Configuration Utility it can be easier to find the offending software or service. This article is the last in the series about using the Windows XP System Utilities to resolve system issues.

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