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Product Review - Puerta del Sol, Spanish Audio Magazine.
You have been studying Spanish, made all those exercises and tests... Maybe you just want to put into practice what you have learned.

Caperucita Roja - Cuarta parte.
¡Sí! Here we have ´La cuarta parte del cuento "Caperucita Roja". And don´t forget there is a poll waiting for you!

Spanish Prepositions - ANTE -
Learn how to pronounce and use this Spanish preposition, "ante", and don´t forget there is a poll waiting for you!

Tip of the Month - Conjunctions -y- and -e-.
Both "y" and "e" are translated as "and", and they are conjunctions.

Possessive adjectives - Some exercises.
After having reviewed the Spanish Possessive Adjectives, you can now check your knowledge, and of course, you can also vote our weekly pool. ¡Buena suerte!

Spanish Possessive Adjectives
When we want to express possession, we use Possessive Adjectives. Learn how to use Spanish possessive adjectives, study / listen to the examples and don´t forget our weekly pool!

Tip of the week - M before B and P.
Learn more about this Spanish language rule, and don´t forget to take a look at the poll!

Listening Exercise - España
Learn about Spain and try this listening test. Listen to the sound files and fill in the blancks. And don't forget to vote this week's poll.

Let´s make some exercises with the verb Amar. You´ll also find the poll of week... of course... about "Amar"!

Conjugating the Verb AMAR - Simple Tenses
Let´s review the verb Amar, concretely, the following simple tenses: Present, Future, Imperfect and Preterite of Indicative and the Present and both Preterite tenses for the Subjunctive mood.

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