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Gourmet Tabouleh Recipe
I’m one for evolution in the pot; and although I believe in maintaining the traditions of a dish the flip side of me is equally given to fusing worlds in the culinary lineage. My wife and I catered a party where they asked us for something interesting, middle eastern, but unique. Here’s what I did.

Purslane Recipe Ideas
My wife and I are always trying something new in the food world. From smoothies to soups, salads, pies and the like, we like to mix and match old standards with new ideas. Here's some things we came up with for the nutrient dense, health promoting herb purslane.

Pepper Poppers
Have you ever just wanted a taste of something without having to make it a full on meal? Every now and then my wife and I will go for something like that. A taste of this, with a side of that and before we know it we're full having had a flavor experience that's second to none. Try this recipe!

Pumpkin Seed Smoothie Recipe
We may have all been to the shopping centers or to the occasional Jamba Juice where there's a whole selection of smoothies to choose from; but do you know how to make your own? I'm talking massive flavor AND incredible nutrition. Here's one that'll knock your socks off.

Vegetarian Staples to Make Your Life Easier
I was recently asked to do an article on staple items for the vegetarian lifestyle; and although this serves more as a concentrated list of those items to consider, I think it fits the bill of giving you a great platform to create a limitless array of dishes. Here's what I keep on hand at home.

Cold Cereal Breakfast Recipe
In my house, breakfast is the most eaten meal of the day. It doesn't matter what time of day either, because we're always up for a great bowl of cold cereal. We, however, take it to the next level. Here's what we do.

Basic Tomato Sauce Recipe
Packed full of lycopene, lutein, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene and other heart and health protecting phyto-nutrients, tomatoes are a tasty way to promote and boost your health and well being. Here's one of the ways I use them to make my basic no-measure, tomato sauce.

Basic Nut and Seed Paste Recipe
As a vegetarian and chef I'm always wanting to push the envelope and experiment with flavorful components combined in new and innovative ways. I do this having my basic bases covered. For this entry I'll share a simple recipe for nut and seed pastes you can apply to many tasty things.

How to Eat for a Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle
Being a vegetarian is more than just one day deciding not to eat meat anymore. There are considerations to be made and a process to follow. I was recently asked the 'how-to' question and here's how I responded.

Gourmet Coleslaw Recipe - Tangy
Who says coleslaw has to be average? It doesn't! Coleslaw can be made in many different ways to make lasting, delicious impressions to keep you and your guests satisfied. Here's an easy variation with a basic recipe to go with it.

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