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Sports Nutrition For Winners

Whether youre a recreational jogger, a marathoner, a weekend tennis player or a Wimbledon champion, good nutrition is essential. To perform optimally, you need the correct fuel. High quality, whole food nutrients can give you what you need for maximum performance.

So what fuel does an athlete's body need? Well, when it comes to sports, the most crucial nutrients are those that help your body with endurance, muscle recovery and tissue rebuilding:

Vitamin E supports cardiovascular and circulatory health and has been shown to help maintain healthy DNA in white blood cells following vigorous activity.

Vitamin C supports immune function and healthy connective tissue. Best if delivered in a sustained release form.

Antioxidants - boost immune power, aid the body in muscle recovery and have been shown to play a critical role in cardiovascular health and normal tissue growth.

B Vitamins support oxygen delivery to muscles, nerve and muscle function and the formation of red blood cells. Best if delivered in a sustained release form.

Zinc promotes healing, helps utilize vitamins, promotes healthy skin, hair and bones and supports immune function. Zinc is lost through sweat.

Iron helps transport oxygen from the lungs to bodily tissues.

Chromium promotes stable blood sugar levels, which are critical to energetic performance.

Omega-3 with EPA and DHA supports optimum function of heart, blood vessels, brain, nerves, eyes, skin and joints and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

Protein is a primary component of muscles. A high quality, 22 amino acid protein supplement supports optimal muscle rebuilding.

Water is essential to an optimal nutritional program. While exercising, 8 oz. of pure water every 20-30 minutes is a safe guideline. Dont just drink to satisfy your thirst. Drink an extra glass for good measure.

Supplement quality varies dramatically. Theres a huge difference between raw materials, reliability, balance, delivery systems and absorbability. I recommend the whole food sports nutritionals found at www.feel-better.info. Here's an example of the winning results:

Im a marathon runner and also work in a busy law office. My job requires long hours and travel, so although I manage to get my training done, my diet is not what it should be. Ive taken vitamins for years, but after starting on the Sports 30 program, I noticed a major difference. No more cramps, exhaustion or back pain, plus a fantastic increase in energy. I no longer take 2 or 3 days to recover from my workouts Im ready to go the next day! And, best of all, my performance times are getting better and better!

To get these kind of great results for yourself, go to www.feel-better.info.

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