Speed Racer Volume 2

Speed Racer Volume 2
Speed Racer Volume 2 contains episodes 12 through 23 of the Speed Racer anime series. Like with the first DVD, there are chapter marks on the disc, but they are not usable by the viewer. In order to skip over something, the viewer has to use the fast forward button on their DVD player's remote control. When the DVD was originally pressed, the outer sleeve had a button which caused the lights on the Mach 5 to light up, and part of the Speed Racer theme song would play.

On this disc, there isn't an actual "special features" menu for the viewer to access. Instead, there are small buttons on various menu pages that the viewer needs to click on to view the special features.

On the main menu, there are three buttons: one with a seahorse, one with the letter "M," and one with the letter "G." The seahorse button takes you to a text-only history for Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd. On the biography is a link to a scene in one of the episodes where Tatsunoko's seahorse logo makes an appearance. The letter "M" takes you to an explanation for what the "M" on Speed's helmet and Trixie's shirt stand for. The letter "G" takes you to an explanation for what the "G" on Speed's shirt stands for.

The buttons for the remaining special features are found on the menu pages for the pairs of episodes that appear on the disc. On most of the menus, there is a button with a bio for a villain, a bio for a car that appears in each set of episodes, and a link with a picture of Spritle's face (this button showcases a scene that appears in the pair of episodes that features Spritle).

For the villain and car biographies, there is a link to a scene featuring the villain or car. The villains highlighted are: Slash Marker Jr., the Three Roses Club, Ali Ben Schemer, Kabala, Mr. Kadar, Cornpone Brotch, Oriana Flub, Dr. Nightcall, and Professor Cumulus. The cars that are featured include: The Melange X3, The Black Tiger, Twinkle Banks' Acrobatic Car, The GRX, and The Fake Mach 5.

The menu for episodes 16 and 17 does not have a bio for a vehicle. Instead, there is a button with the word "oops" on it. This link takes you to an explanation of a blooper that appears in that set of episodes. There is a link included in the blooper write-up that takes you to the scene that includes the blooper.

Like the first Speed Racer DVD, there really isn't much in the way of special features. It's also obvious that the company that put together this DVD did it "on the cheap." However, for Speed Racer fans, this disc is needed in order to acquire the episodes of the series on DVD.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of this DVD that my husband purchased for me as a gift.

Race For Revenge (Part 1)
Race For Revenge (Part 2)
The Desperate Desert Race (Part 1)
The Desperate Desert Race (Part 2)
The Fire Race (Part 1)
The Fire Race (Part 2)
The Girl Daredevil (Part 1)
The Girl Daredevil (Part 2)
The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 1)
The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 2)
The Mach-5 vs. the Mach-5 (Part 1)
The Mach-5 vs. the Mach-5 (Part 2)

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