Speed Racer Collectors Edition

Speed Racer Collectors Edition
The Speed Racer Collector’s Edition is a single DVD that includes the first 11 episodes of Speed Racer, as well as a few extras. Only the English dub versions of the episodes are included on the DVD.

There is no set up menu included on the disc; the only things you can access on the main menu are choosing which episode to watch or to view the special features menu. When you see a menu page for the episodes, you will hear dialogue from the show on each of the pages.

The special features section of the DVD is titled, "Speed Racer Files." The special features menu is designed to look like file folders, and you click one of the tabs for the "file folders" for the special feature you want to see.

The first tab is labeled, "Production." Under this tab, you can see a text-only history of Tatsunoko Productions (the Japanese company that produced the Speed Racer anime), a text-only history of the U.S. adaptation of Speed Racer, a page that has the lyrics for the Speed Racer theme song (which includes a link to play the theme song, as well as a text-only history of the American theme song), and the credits and information for the American voice actors.

The next tab in the special features menu is labeled, "Mach 5." In this tab, the viewer can see the controls on the steering wheel of the Mach 5. When you select one of the controls, Speed Racer can be heard explaining what it does. You can also choose to "see the feature in action," which includes a scene from an episode featuring that control.

The third tab is labeled, "Villains' Gallery." Here, you see a brief profile and a picture of a villain (and hear a blurb of that villain's dialogue from the series), and a link to "see the villain in action." The villains included are: Ace Ducey, Mr. Fix, Tongue Blaggard, Cruncher Block, Captain Terror, Mr. Van Ruffle, Mr. Wiley, and Snake Oiler.

The final tab is labeled, "Speed Lives On!" There are two options here: "Sequels & Spin Offs" and "Speed Merchandise." Under "Sequels & Spin Offs," you can see a text-only explanation of The New Adventures of Speed Racer (and the opening credits for this series is included for viewing), and a text-only explanation for a Volkswagen Commercial that included Speed Racer (however, the commercial itself is not available for viewing). Under "Speed Merchandise," there is a gallery of Speed Racer merchandise; however, only five items are included. This tab also includes the DVD credits.

The biggest disappointment of this DVD is the fact that, while it may have chapter marks, they're useless for the viewer. When watching the DVD, you cannot use the "skip" function to move ahead to the next chapter. If you want to skip over something, you have to use the fast forward button.

I wish the design of the DVD menus was better, and that more effort had been put into the special features. I also believe that, instead of trying to cram 11 episodes onto one disc, that this should have been released as a two-disc set. However, if you are a fan of the original Speed Racer anime, this DVD is worth obtaining in order to have the first 11 episodes on DVD.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of this DVD that my husband bought as a gift.

The Great Plan (Part 1)
The Great Plan (Part 2)
Challenge of the Masked Racer (Part 1)
Challenge of the Masked Racer (Part 2)
The Secret Engine (Part 1)
The Secret Engine (Part 2)
The Race Against the Mammoth Car (Part 1)
The Race Against the Mammoth Car (Part 2)
The Most Dangerous Race (Part 1)
The Most Dangerous Race (Part 2)
The Most Dangerous Race (Part 3)

Bonus Features

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