Angel Message Light and Peace

Angel Message Light and Peace
Truly deep, abiding Peace, comes not from focusing on solving your problems, but rather through focusing on your Light.

Most people believe that once they solve their current dilemmas, they will experience peace as a reward for their efforts. But peace that is sought after is fleeting at best, because with each new day comes a new set of choices that bring about new challenges to be overcome; thus the feelings of dissonance are re-born, and once again, peace is something that is seen as the separate reward that must be sought.

But the Angels would like to remind you that you are an infinite being in a body, and as an infinite being in a body, true peace is actually something you create from within, that you allow to radiate out into your world; you don’t chase it or earn it – you make it.

Your infinite Self is the Light, and your source for peace, love, joy, and healing. As you focus on your Light, your experience of peace, love, joy, and healing grow.

However, your purpose here is to experience your divinity through your humanity, so the human experience will play itself out every day because it allows you the opportunity to experience yourself as a divine creator.

This experience includes challenges and dissonance, but allows you the opportunity to choose peace, joy, and love first. This is the only way to truly experience yourself as a divine being; focus on your Light and choose peace as the method for moving through difficult days, rather than waiting for peace to come as a reward for surviving difficult events.

There will always be outside influences and circumstances that are painful, that have the potential to steal peace from your experience. But anytime that you wait for peace to come from outside yourself, you are giving your power over to something that is outside of you. In essence, this is the decision that you cannot have peace until things change.

Only a powerless being is at the mercy of their circumstances, and you, as a being of light, are not powerless. Focus on your Light, and choose peace; allow it to express through you, and into your life, and it will soften the harsh edges of your human experience.

Experience peace right now by doing this simple breathing exercise:

Inhale to the count of four.
Hold your breath to the count of four.
Exhale to the count of eight.

Repeat this process four times.

Close your eyes, and focus on your heart center, and see it as a radiant golden ball of light that grows and expands so it completely surrounds you.

Affirm four times: I am made from this Light.

And remember, you are – you are that Light.

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