Genetically Modified Salmon and Health Risks

Genetically Modified Salmon and Health Risks
A perpetual debate at Capitol Hill and around the family dinner table is the safety of consuming genetically engineered (GE) foods, like salmon. So, what is a GE salmon? It is principally the mutation of the GH-I (rGH) gene. Salmon fish eggs are fertilized with an altered Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) structure that mutates the genetic makeup of the fish to cause accelerated growth to double the size of the fish in half the time.

In conversation, the standard fallback as to why GE fish is a good idea is the concept of world hunger abatement. However, before people jump on that bandwagon it is wise to think about a few things. In the name of "ending world hunger" companies like Monsanto and DuPont have put genetically modified organisms (GMO) into the environment in the forms of wheat, canola, soy, corn, and alfalfa. Monsanto introduced genetically modified cattle with growth hormones that affect the meat, the milk, and any products made from them, as the GE synthetic bovine growth hormone (rBGH/rBST) is not rendered inert through processing. Further, world hunger not only continues to exist, it thrives by biotech design.

AquaAdvantage and AquaBounty Technologies are using the same tired, ineffective proclamations to justify genetically altering the fish population. The motivator is simple – fear. The message is be afraid and be grateful for the proposed solution by not questioning the methods. However, rather than addressing the real issues of salmon depletion such as overfishing and water pollution, they want to corner the market in fish production in such a way that life only exists if their corporations continue to thrive. This is also known as "too big to fail," which has proven itself repeatedly harmful to stability. The difference here is that they are going after more than just financial security. These businesses are following in the footsteps of conglomerate abominations like Monsanto. They want to control how people eat, what people eat, and when people eat. Further, as salmon is the principle staple to marine life cetaceans, the welfare of marine life, to include endangered species, would also be under their control.

Whether a person is on Capitol Hill or debating around the dinner table there are verified matters of concern to consider. With each passing generation, animals and humans show an increased pattern in GH-I gene mutation. Researchers have determined that this alteration activates dormant hereditary disease traits in humans. This suggests the more people consume synthetic rGH, rBGH, and rBST genes, the greater the risk becomes in producing offspring with genetic defects. With such extreme risks to fetal health and the health of children, it is more than questionable that the United States governmental protocol insists it is unnecessary to enact a "truth in labeling act." These products go well above allergic concerns and fast-track right into manipulating human genetic traits. In America, there are label standards to warn consumers about peanuts, lactose, and gluten exposure. Therefore, there is already a labeling process in place. Yet, no such requirement exists for any genetically modified foods.

There are scientifically significant correlations between the consumption of GMO and GE products and the unnatural rise in dysfunctions like autism and Asperger's, and in diseases like autoimmune deficiencies, cancer, and heart health. If GE and GMO legislation, like the "Monsanto Rider" passes, it is expected to spread throughout biotech industries like a wildfire.

The next time the topic comes up at the dinner table, ask if it is in the best interest of your family to allow corporate monopolies to control and mutate all of the fish, meat, and agricultural produce on that table. Consider those families who struggle with random debilitating illnesses and mental disorders. Question why global hunger is on the rise and discuss how these biotech firms have not lived up to any of their promises. Those who conclude that this approach is not good enough for their families should take action, and continue to do so, until Frankenfoods are eliminated from the dinner table.

Learn more by reading What's Eating Your Child?: The Hidden Connection Between Food and Childhood Ailments.

For those interested sign the Stop Genetically Modifying Salmon action.

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