Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers
If you want a delicious, healthy dinner - but don't have a lot of time to cook - take a look into Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers. These cool microwave dinners have a steamer basket, meaning the food comes out fresh and crisp.

How this works is the container has two areas. The lower area holds the sauce - while the upper, steamer area holds the veggies and meat. This means that the sauce is nice and rich, while the veggies and meat are fresh tasting. Once the cooking is done, you mix them up and the dish is done.

I really love these dishes. The beef merlot has beef steak, potatoes, green beans, carrots, all in a great sauce. They only take 3 1/2 minutes to cook, plus another few minutes to simmer afterwards.

There are 18g of carbs per dinner, with 5g of fiber in there. There are 220 calories, with no trans fats.

Where many quick dinners are full of junk, you really are getting quality items in here. The meat is fresh and tasty. The vegetables are crisp and full of natural vitamins. You're not bulking up in meaningless calories. You're getting items that are naturally very good for you - and they're ready in no time flat. Even if you normally like to cook "real meals" for yourself and your family, these are perfect emergency items to keep in the freezer. If things go awry, or something burns, then POOF three minutes later you have something really tasty and good to eat.

Normally I recommend that people stay away from TV dinners and work to eat naturally fresh, healthy foods. However, I really am quite pleased with these dishes. They aren't dumping a giant ton of mashed potatoes and bread on your plate, with no nutrients. The items they're providing are a nice balance, with great vitamins and minerals built into them. The taste is just so nice!

Give all of the varieties a try, and see which meet up with your taste buds. Do keep in mind that tv dinners tend to have a high salt content - for preservation reasons - and this has 24% of your daily salt amount. So keep your salt intake low in your other daily dishes, so you stay low across the day.

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