Thin Ice - 1g Carb Beer

Thin Ice - 1g Carb Beer
If you're a beer drinker and a dieter, you usually have a problem. But with Thin Ice, there's only 1g carbs and 90 calories per bottle. Perfect for health and fun!

Thin Ice Low Carb Beer First, this doesn't taste much like beer. It's more like a ginger ale or sprite flavor. It's sweetened with Splenda, which is why it's so flavorful and fresh. So think of it more like a hard cider or maybe even a cocktail mixer than a "heavy beer". But it's definitely tasty, and at 4.2% alcohol it's about the same alcohol content as other light beers.

I must add a comment that a friend of mine, a guy who enjoys Zima a lot, tried this and didn't find it as "refreshing" as Zima is. I'm not a big Zima drinker so I bow to his judgment on this one. Maybe it's more like ginger ale than it is like Zima.

Thin Ice is mostly sold in the northeastern US right now, but is spreading through the rest of the country. It's extremely popular in the northeast, one of the top selling low carb / low calorie beers in most stores. If you are a beer or alcohol drinker, give it a try! It might become your new beverage of choices, and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Serving: 12oz
Carbs: 1.0g
Calories: 90
Alcohol: 4.2%

December 2006 Update - I'm sorry to say that the thin ice website has vanished and the Long Beach Brewing Company seems to have vanished as well. How sad!

July 2008 Update - Continued searches cannot seem to track down this company at all, or this product. I really have to wonder why they went away. I *loved* this drink! I know many people who write me still looking for it. Why would the company have not sold enough to survive, when so many other oddball small volume products remain on the market?

If anybody out there knows what happened to the Thin Ice company, or why it ended up taking the product off the market, please write me to let me know. I really am interested to see what happened here and to let everybody else know the news.

April 2014 Update There are now other beer makers out there calling their products THIN ICE which are not low carb. I want to clarify that this product was made by the Long Beach Brewing Company and was extremely low carb. From what I can tell, neither the brewery nor the beer exists any more.

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