Low Carb - The First Two Days

Low Carb - The First Two Days
Most low carb diets put special emphasis on the first two weeks, when you get used to eating in a more healthy manner. But those first two DAYS are the key - when you break your carb addiction!

It's really best to start your low carb diet on a Friday. That's because the first two days will be the hardest of the ENTIRE diet. Up until now, your body has been 'coasting' on high sugar foods, not having to work at all to get easy energy. It uses some to keep itself going, and the rest goes right to your waist and butt as fat. Your body has gotten sluggish, used to this 'easy sugar diet'.

When you go low carb, you're really going "healthy" - which means your body has to do what it is SUPPOSED to do and actually break down healthy foods into the vitamins and nutrients it can use. Think of it as having been addicted to heroin. If you went off heroin, your body would crave it at first! It is EXACTLY the same with sugary carbs. Your body will get cranky, tired, shaky. Believe me - the worse your symptoms are, the more your body was addicted to the bad stuff.

But GREAT news is around the corner. Your body - and every human body - only carries "raw carbs" for 2 days in its system. The rest is stored as fat. So after Day 2, your body will be done with its sugar-seeking and will do the NORMAL thing that bodies have been meant to do since the days of cavemen-eating-mammoths, which is that it will start processing fat and protein for energy.

Since this diet gives you AMPLE fat and protein, plus HEALTHY nutrients as well, your body kicks into high gear! And once it gets rolling, it does very well with these. The next two weeks are often an amazing revelation to people, as they realize that all the roller-coaster mood swings, hunger cravings, bloating, stomach puffiness and the rest was really all caused by the sugar high-and-low that a sugar-rich diet causes. Suddenly you're feeling better, have much more energy, and are losing weight WITHOUT feeilng hungry at all.

So stay with it for those first few hard days, when your carb addiction is being fought with. It's well worth it to win, and to go on to much more healthy living!

Low Carb - The First Two Weeks

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