Miller Lite Low Carb Beer

Miller Lite Low Carb Beer
There's a saying, you get what you pay for. Miller Lite is only 3.2g of carbs - but it is also MUCH more watery than the beer with 5g of carbs per bottle.

I first tried a Miller Lite with Mexican food in Virginia on a motorcycling trip, after riding Skyline Drive. I have to say the Mexican food was EXCELLENT and I loved it. But the Miller Lite was very watery and didn't add any enjoyment to the meal. There seems to be an off flavor to it. I would have enjoyed several other low carb beers far more than I enjoyed this one.

Miller Light Beer I've tried Miller Light in a number of situations since then, and I get the same impression. It just doesn't hold up to food. It has a distinctive flavor. Sure, I'm sure some people grew up on that flavor and enjoy it! It's just like anything in life. Some people adore a specific, cheap chocolate because it's what they ate as a child. It might not be technically "better" than Godiva or other higher end chocolates, but it's what their taste buds got used to. But, for me, the flavor isn't one I seek out.

Yes, it's got fewer carbs. So I suppose you could drink more of them for the same 'carb count'. But for me, I'd rather drink one good beer and enjoy it - especially with food. It just wasn't worth it to me to drink something watery with little taste.

So this one comes down to flavor. If you're used to the Miller taste and love it, then enjoy. If you're not fond of the Miller flavor, there are a variety of options out there that you'll be better served drinking.

Serving: 12oz
Carbs: 3.2g
Calories: 96
Alcohol: 4.5%

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Low Carb Beer Reviews – Low Carb ReferenceLow Carb Beer Reviews – Low Carb Reference
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