Bud Light Low Carb Beer

Bud Light Low Carb Beer
At 6.6 grams of carbs, Bud Light barely qualifies as a low carb beer. It's practically got the same carbs as a few "normal" beer choices. It's also relatively high in calories. And, intriguingly, this is one of the few low carb beers which hasn't come down in carb count over time. While other beer makers are continually refining and improving their techniques, Bud Light is happy just to sit at this level.

Bud Light Low Carb Beer It's vastly amusing to me that Bud Light came out with the inane campaign of "all light beers are low in carbs." Their aim is for you to not even ask how many carbs or calories are in their beer - because they know you might look elsewhere when you do.

But Bud Light really doesn't care much. They have solidly locked the #1 sales in the US spot, with almost 20% of the beer market in 2013. Note that that's 20% of ALL beer sold - not just light beer. So they even outsell their own regular beer, Budweiser. But Budweiser is in spot #3. The second top beer? Coors Light. So light beers definitely are holding their own.

It's no surprise that Bud Light tastes the most like its "carb-full sibling" - in this case Budweiser beer. It's got 4.2% alcohol which is about the same as the other low carb beers. Many people drink Budweiser because it's cheap and easy-drinking, and Bud Light is pretty much the same. You can get Bud Light in pretty much any package store, in an assortment of size options, and it drinks down like soda.

It's on the thin side, but not as thin as some of the other low carb beers. This is no surprise since it has almost triple the carbs as many of the other low carb beers. It does have a smooth flavor, with a hint of bitter to it.

So in general, reasonable taste, light body, short finish. Keep in mind that while Bud Light is an easy drinking beer, you can't drink many of them with the high carb counts it has.

Serving: 12oz
Carbs: 6.6g
Calories: 110
Alcohol: 4.2%
Protein: 0.9g
Fat: 0.0g

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Low Carb Beer Reviews – Low Carb ReferenceLow Carb Beer Reviews – Low Carb Reference
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