Miller MGD Light Beer 64 Calories

Miller MGD Light Beer 64 Calories
MGD Light - Miller Genuine Draft Light 64 calories - is one of the lowest carb beers on the market. With only 2.4g of carbs per serving, and zero fat, this is a great alternative for beer drinkers who are looking to lose or maintain weight.

The most important thing with any beer is of course how it tastes. I admit we had low expectations with this being only 2.4g of carbs - but it's actually quite nice! It's certainly not a rich, thick Guinness or a bursting-with-flavor micro-brew. It is light, it is easy drinking. There are times for different beverages, just like sometimes you want hot coffee and sometimes you want a frosty margarita.

So - flavor - light, drinkable, great with nachos and salsa. If you're someone who can only drink heavy beers, then you probably will find it too light. However, for many beer drinkers, the flavor is quite easy to drink, no harsh flavors, no issues at all.

So, nutrition wise, how is this compared with other beers? While many beers have 12g or more carbs per bottle, this one has only 2.4g of carbs. This is EXTREMELY low - very few light beers can match this. It is rather impressive that MGD Light has figured out a balance. In fact, my local wine shop cannot keep this in stock because it's so in demand.

For other nutrition stats, there are 64 calories, 0g of fat, less than 1g of protein. In general, the beer does well in pretty much every way.

So many diet beverages out there have nasty flavors, or are things you just wouldn't want to drink. With MGD Light, if you're a person who enjoys lighter-style beers, you'll probably enjoy this just as much as you would enjoy the beer you usually drink. If you normally only drink heavy, high-calorie beers, it might not be a bad thing to broaden your horizons a bit. Sure, heavy beers are perfect for some situations, but there are many situations where a lighter beer works very well. Working your way towards lower calorie consumption is a great aim for all of us to achieve.

Well recommended.

NOTE: While this does have the lowest calories of any beer on the market, they got it by reducing the alcohol level - this is only 2.8% alcohol. Not necessarily a bad thing!

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