Angel Message Intention and Kindness

Angel Message Intention and Kindness
Set your intention to radiate kindness, both to yourself and others.

People often underestimate the power of kindness because it is one of the simplest ways to share a loving and supportive energy, without actually having to make any great commitments. Kindness may look like a smile, or be an encouraging word. But with every act of kindness, you actually shift your own frequency to allow for a greater flow of positive energy into your own life.

This is because kindness is a catalyst. Through the act of sharing a kindness, you not only send out the energies of healing, happiness, and love into the world, but you actually empower yourself by bringing these very same energies into your own life, because the act of kindness deeply affects you as a sender.

Kindness helps you to be a better receiver.

No matter how much abundance and love you may ask for, you can only ever accept what you are open to receiving. If you are open to receiving unconditional love, you will. However, if you desire unconditional love, but remain skeptical that it’s a possibility for you, the love you will experience will be a lesser version of what you truly desire.

When you practice extending kindness toward others, you expand your own capacity to receive your highest good, because in the act of giving kindness, you also experience kindness. This experience shifts your frequency toward love.

There are many simple ways to share kindness with others, and kindness needs to be shared authentically, and not for the purposes of getting something in return. If you share kindness to get something back, that comes from the energy of lack and limitation, and that is the frequency that will be increased in your life. So share kindness simply for the sake of making the world a friendlier place.

This week, set your intention to share as much kindness as possible, with both yourself and others. Be creative, and see how many ways you can make someone else’s day brighter, and then be open to seeing how it shifts things in your own life.

Acts of Kindness
Find authentic ways to compliment others.
Smile and make eye contact.
Open the door for someone.
Let someone else go first at a four-way stop.
Bring fruit to share at work.
Take someone to lunch, or out for coffee.
Leave a $5 gift card on someone’s desk.
Compliment someone on a job well done.

Also remember to show kindness to yourself. Acknowledge your accomplishments, and honor yourself by following through on your goals and desires. Nothing is kinder than keeping promises to yourself.

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