What do you Need to put a PS2 Online

What do you Need to put a PS2 Online
Here's a question from a reader about how a PS2 gets to be online, on the internet.

"Do I need the Wireless Router PLUS a Wireless Receiver PLUS a PS2 Network Adapter?"



The router sends the single internet signal coming from your DSL or cable line out to your entire household. If you didn't have it, the signals wouldn't be "sent out into the air" to be heard by anybody. Think of it as a radio station. If there's no radio station, your radio doesn't pick up any songs.

The receiver listens for that signal and does something with it. Think of this as your radio. If you don't have a radio, you can't hear what the radio station is playing.

The PS2 Network Adaptor is what allows your PS2 to *work* on the internet. Your PS2 doesn't understand the internet at all in its normal state. When you connect the PS2 Network Adaptor to your PS2, it "translates" internet-speak into something the PS2 can understand. Think of this as your ear. If you don't have an ear, even if the radio is playing, your brain doesn't know it.

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