PS2 and Wireless Connector Speed

PS2 and Wireless Connector Speed
If you're using a wireless connector with your PS2, XBox or GameCube, is it harming the speed of your gameplay on the internet?

First, it's time to learn some basics about the speed of signals. In the old days, back when people walked uphill both ways in the snow to get to school, there were 56kb phone lines. This means 56kb per second of data got through that phone line. Nowadays with cable modems, most people have 512kb per second of data passing through that cable signal.

In comparison, wireless signals are measured in MB, not KB. If you have 1mb that is 1000kb. So a 512kb cable modem line is only a .5mb line.

Your "B" level 2.4GHz wireless signal, which is the basic standard that all systems out today operate on, is running at 11mb/second. So you have literally 20 times the speed on your wireless system than your poor little cable modem can handle. Your wireless connection ZAPS the information from your PS2 to your cable modem. Then it has to sit there ... and ... wait ... for your cable modem to catch up and get the new information from the internet and then ZAP it back to your PS2.

Not only is that "B" level super fast, but it's not even the fastest. Most brand new systems out are now level "G". A level G system also operates on the 2.4GHz frequency, but runs at a zipping 54mb/second. So this means the wireless connection is now **100** times faster than the cable connection is. Meaning your wireless system is literally yawning and falling asleep while waiting for the internet signals to come to it.

Your wireless system can NOT make your internet system faster!! The bottleneck is your cable modem and that cable running out of your house. Unless you can convince your cable provider to somehow give you a faster connection, you will be stuck with that. And of course if you are still on a 56k dial-up phone line, you are running at a .05mb/second rate which is SLOOOOOW.

There is also a Wireless A standard which is also a fast 54mb/second rate, but that one runs on a 5GHz frequency instead of a 2.4GHz frequency. That means "A" does not work with "B" or "G", but "B" and "G" can work with each other because they're on the same frequency.

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