High Calorie Desserts

High Calorie Desserts
Looking to know what desserts to absolutely avoid if you want to stay healthy? Remember, a mere 3,500 extra calories adds a pound to your hips - and it takes 35 miles of walking to burn it off again!

It has cheese in it, right? It must be healthy? Actually, cheesecake has a whopping 800 calories per 6oz slice - and that's not including anything else you might put on top of it. If you go for something fancy - like the Cheesecake Factory's Godiva Cheesecake, that's 860 calories for a 9oz slice. The "Chris’ Outrageous Chocolate Cake" weighs in at 1,380 calories.

Haagen Dazs Ice Cream
I know many people who eat one of these little containers as a serving. Does anybody really eat just a half cup at a time? Do you know how small a half cup is? :) If we go by container, their Bailey's has 1,040 calories. Sticky toffee pudding = 1,200 calories. Chocolate peanut butter = 1,440 calories. You see the issue, and then if you add toppings ...

Friendly's Jim Dandy Sundae
If you think eating a container of Haagen Dazs is "outrageous" - look at these standard sundaes from Friendly's. Their Jim Dandy is 1,130 calories. The banana split is a bargain in comparison at only 940 calories. Just to stay on this eating-out-icecream ban, a Denny's banana split is just under 900 calories. At least the large chocolate fudge sundae at Dairy Queen is "only" 750 calories.

Creme Brulee
Here's one that people often think is healthy for you. It's fresh, it's French, it's made with eggs, right? So how bad can it be? The answer is that it can be 950 calories or more, depending on the size you get. Does anybody really leave some of their creme brulee behind? You get a ramekin, you eat the entire ramekin.

This oriental concoction with lotus seeds and egg yolks might seem tasty - but it has an amazing 1,000 calories per cake. If you enjoy this, it might be wise to cut yourself a tiny sliver and match it up with something else less fattening.

If you know of any desserts in this category or higher, please let me know!

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