Easy Healthy Travel Snacks

Easy Healthy Travel Snacks
Heading out on the road to see family or friends? Just taking a trip somewhere? Be sure to pack zip-lock bags of these tried and true treats!

Pickles and Olives
Two of my favorites, pickles and olives are both very tasty treats that are far less squishable than some of the other options. Just put some into a zip-lock bag, roll up the bag to save space, and bring them along!

Grape Tomatoes
Tomatoes can be high in carbs, but grape tomatoes are tiny and they're full of nutrients. Bring a couple to pop into your mouth as a great treat.

Cheese Cubes
There are so many types of cheese out there that it's staggering! Choose your favorites and cut them up into easy-eat cubes. That way when you're sitting in the car or on the plane, you can just pop open a zip lock and have a few whenever you feel like having a snack. They're full of calcium!

Celery Sticks
Yes, the classic! Celery sticks are durable and always tasty. If you have room you can even bring along a small Tupperware of hummus to go with it, but they're tasty just on their own as well.

Bag of Berries
Whether your favorite is raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, or a mix, berries are full of antioxidants and very healthy for you. Put them in a small Tupperware for maximum protection.

Sugar Free Candies and Chocolates
There are a wide variety of sugar-free candies and chocolates on the market now that taste incredibly good. But remember, while they taste fine, they aren't giving much to your body. When you're travelling, you need healthy foods in you regularly to keep going. So keep a few candies around for an occasional sweet hit, but stick to the more healthy snacks in general.

As long as you're not taking an airplane, don't forget to bring a plastic bottle or two of water or sugarless tea. Avoid anything with caffeine in it - you want to stay away from extra jitters or stress! You need to stay hydrated to stay healthy and handle stress. Travel often brings lots of germs with it, and the healthier you stay, the less likely you are to fall victim to them.

There are many great collapsible coolers and lunchboxes on the market nowadays - look for one that folds up small when not in use, but holds what you need it to and is easy to carry along. If you pack wisely and keep yourself fed and watered, you'll find that your trip is easy and fun!

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