REAL SECURITY: The Democratic Plan to Protect and Restore Our Leadership in the World

REAL SECURITY: The Democratic Plan to Protect and Restore Our Leadership in the World
Real security, that is what the new Democratic platform offers; a plan to make America really safe. They will rebuild our military; guarantying that the troops will have the protective gear, equipment, and training they need to defend this country. They guarantee that our troops will never be sent to war without accurate intelligence and a strategy for success. They will double the size of the Special Forces. They will fully man and equip the National Guard. They will finish the job in Afghanistan, eliminating Osama Bin Laden; destroy the terrorist networks and the threat posed by the Taliban. They will ensure that 2006 will be a year of significant transition to full Iraqi sovereignty. To have the Iraqis assume responsibility for securing and governing their own country, while responsibly redeploying our troops. They will hold the Bush Administration responsible for the manipulated pre-war intelligence, poor planning, and contracting abuses that jeopardized our troops and waste tax dollars. They will enact a GI Bill of Rights that will guarantee our troops, active, reserve, retired, and their families will receive the pay, health care, mental health, and other benefits they have earned and deserved. Our veterans will no longer have to fight for the things they have earned.

The Democrats will give us real protection from terrorist attacks. They will immediately implement the recommendations of the 9/11 Commission. They will provide first responders with the training, staffing, equipment and cutting edge technology they need. They will secure our national boarders, ports, airports, and mass transit systems. They will make sure our critical infrastructure is not outsourced to foreign interests. They will screen 100 percent of containers and cargo bound for the United States. By 2010 they will secure the loose nuclear materials that terrorist could use to build dirty bombs. They will redouble efforts to stop nuclear weapon development in Iran and North Korea.

The Democrats will put a plan into place that will achieve energy independence by 2020. This will eliminate our need for oil from the Middle East and other unstable regions. They will increase production of alternative fuels, bio-fuels, geothermal, clean coal, fuel cells, solar and wind energy. They will promote hybrid and flex fuel vehicle technology and manufacturing. And most importantly they will work to restore America’s role as a world leader. Restoring our reputation as a leader in the protection of human rights. They will work to eliminate the economic, social and political conditions that allow extremism and terrorism to take root. They will renew long-term alliances that enhance our national security.

Hurricane Katrina showed us how vulnerable the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress have left us. It is time for a change. We need a government that will put the safety and well-being of its citizens ahead of big business. The Democrats have a plan to provide real security, to protect and restore our leadership in the world.

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