Rolling Rock Green Light Low Carb Beer

Rolling Rock Green Light Low Carb Beer
Rock Green Light is the low carb version of Rolling Rock beer. It has 2.6g carbs per glass, and only 91.4 calories.

Rolling Rock Green Light Beer This actually wasn't bad at all, with a mild, fresh flavor to it. It's an easy drinking beer, good for sitting back with a bowl of nuts and watching a game. With its super low carb count, you could even have 2 and stay within a reasonable level of carbs.

Serving: 12oz
Carbs: 2.6g
Calories: 92
Alcohol: ??%

December 2006 Update
I've gotten email from a visitor that seems to indicate that Green Light has changed its ingredients! They say that the count is now -

Carbs: 2.4g
Calories: 83

Sounds like they are the path to making their beer even more healthy for you, sugar-wise! Intriguing - if you're a Green Light drinker, please let me know what your bottle says, and where you're from. Maybe it's a region by region thing, or maybe they are simply continually improving their products!

March 2008 Update
From a visitor: About Rock Green Light facts: the update a viewer sent you, 2.4 carbs and 83 calories was the national version and the stats you had up before are for select states only. Also, the alcohol content is rated between 3.7-3.8%. Just to let you know! Keep up the great work.

October 2008 Update
OK, now people are claiming that the only version of Rock Light available has 6g of carbs. What are they doing?? Anybody out there know?

It appears that Green Light is no longer being made. They have given up on Green Light, which has upset MANY of my visitors who adored it. Now the only version of Rolling Rock left that is light is the Rolling Rock Light version. It has 6g carbs. Many of the previous Green Light drinkers have tried drinking the MGD 64 instead, or have moved over to other beer alternatives.

April 2014 Update
Still no sign of this beer, although bizarrely I see people occasionally posting reviews of it on beer review sites. I think they are mistaking the regular Rolling Rock for this Green Light version.

If you have seen any trace of Green Light still available anywhere in the world, please write in and let us know! Many people are missing their Green Light greatly!

So again, to summarize, if you see a "Rock Light" that has 6g of carbs that is NOT the Green Light. This is a different brand. And the regular Rolling Rock is NOT the Green Light version.

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