Healthy Egg Sales Soar

Healthy Egg Sales Soar
In the old days, an egg was an egg. With the popularity of low carb and Atkins diets, egg manufacturers are coming out with a wide variety of options.

Egg sales are up around the world, with some egg manufacturers seeing a full 25% increase in sales just from 2002 to 2003. Where eggs were considered "bad food" in the 80s and 90s because of cholesterol issues, research has now proven that eggs don't contribute to cholesterol and actually have many benefits. Many people on low carb diets start each day with an egg breakfast, and find eggs to be a great way to add protein and vitamins to their low carb lifestyle.

As egg farming has gone from a backyard where chickens eat seed and grass to giant egg farms where chickens are fed "cheap meal", the eggs have often lost out in flavor and nutrients. This is why many companies are going back to the basics with their egg farming techniques. Where ten years ago it might not have been worth it for egg farmers to invest in an unpopular product, now that eggs are hot, they are scrambling to boost the health benefits of eggs.

Chickens at ecologically-minded farms are now often felt seaweed, alfalfa and fresh grasses. The result is that the eggs end up rich in Vitamin E, iodine and even Omega-3 oils. These are all vitamins that USED to be in eggs in the early 1900s, but have been stripped from eggs over the years as large farms went to mass production.

These eggs often cost more, but for fans of the nutritious eggs, it is well worth it to pay so the hens are happier, the eggs are healthier, and the flavor is much better, too.

If you see healthy-fed and healthy-raised eggs in your local supermarket, be sure to give them a try! It benefits both you and the animals. Better yet, be sure to visit your local farmers markets, and support your local farms.

Research on Eggs, Cholesterol and Health

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