Lady and the Tramp Movie Review

Lady and the Tramp Movie Review
In the whole world history there is but one thing that money can not buy… to wit – the wag of a dog’s tail. – Josh Billings

On a snowy night Jim Dear gives his wife, Darling a present. When she unwraps it, out pops a cute Cocker Spaniel. Darling, immediately expresses that she is such a lady, and that’s what they name her.

Jim Dear and Darling are dog owners and Lady has a home. On her first night, Jim Dear places her in a basket, but Lady isn’t too keen on sleeping in it. She barks and Jim Dear stops her. Finally, she makes it up the steps sleeping with Jim Dear and Darling. Jim Dear tells her it will only be for one night. Well, one night turns into months later. Lady’s pet owners love her. They purchase a collar for her. She goes to show and tell her male dog friends, Jock and Trusty the news. They are happy for their friend. She was officially an owned pet.

One day Jock and Trusty notices Lady sitting sadly outside of the house. That’s when she tells them what happened. She wanted Darling to take her for a walk, but Darling turned her down as she continues to knit. She began to play with the yarn. Darling told her to stop, and then tapped her on the bottom. Her friends tell her what is about to happen. Jim Dear and Darling are going to have a baby. She is confused about the whole idea. That’s when Tramp, a dog with spunk and tenacity, comes strolling around the corner, bashing the humans having babies idea, even calling them “homewreckers.” His speech confuses her even more. Josh has had enough of Tramp’s negativity and forcefully tells him to leave.

After Jim Dear and Darling have the baby, they take a vacation. That’s where the story turns for the worst. Jim Dear and Darling has Aunt Sarah watch the baby. She has two mischievous Siamese cats. They slyly sing a song while they destroy the house and plot to get milk from the baby. That’s when lady draws the line. She barks at them, chasing them around the house. When Aunt Sarah walks down stairs they pretend they are hurt, setting it up to look like Lady was the culprit. When Aunt Sarah picks them up, you see them shaking tails behind her back. Aunt Sarah brings Lady to the store to buy her a muzzle. After the store owner places the muzzle on Lady, she runs away. She is chased by three huge dogs. That’s when Tramp comes to her rescue, fighting the dogs. Will this be enough to win her trust or even her heart?

In this movie, there are some sweet and amazing characters. Lady’s inexperience makes her a naïve, and innocent as she continues to deal with plenty of mishaps along the way. Although Tramp is a dog with a con, he has a big heart and a love for Lady. Jock and Trusty are friends that you can count on until the very end.
I wanted these characters to work. I watched this movie when I was a child, and then I shared it with my children. We enjoyed watching it as a family. It is a true classic. Many adults still appreciate this animated film as it brings back the nostalgia of yester-years. If you love to watch animation that can touch your heart, give this movie a try – another great Walt Disney movie.

I was not paid to endorse this movie in any way. It comes my movie collection. The views and opinions that are expressed are my own.

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