Paranormal Glossary E through K

Paranormal Glossary E through K
Here is the second part of the Paranormal Glossary.

Ecstasy – An altered state of awareness where a person is experiencing great rapture and loss of self-control

Ectoplasm – A thick fluid excreted by mediums when a materialization is occurring

Elemental Spirit – A spirit being associated with the four elements of the Earth (earth, air, fire, water)

Empath – A person who is sensitive to various forces around them and can “know” the emotions and feelings of people and/or animals in their presence.

ESP – Also known as extrasensory perception. The 3 Paranormal subjects that fall under the ESP topic are clairvoyance, telepathy, and precognition.

Evil Eye – The evil eye has a long history. It is believed that someone with the evil eye ability can do things to you by just looking at you. There are many, many charms and chants to chase away the effects of the evil eye.

EVP – An acronym for Electronic Voice Phenomena. This is a tool used to detect spirits and ghosts in houses and other places they are believed to dwell. It can be done with high tech expensive equipment or everyday items found in most homes.

Evocation – A chant said to conjure an entity

Exorcism – A rite or ritual used to drive spirits or demons from the body of a human or even a room of a house.

Extraterrestrial – Not from the planet Earth


Fairy – A small human-like creature of myth. Can be good or evil

Fortune Telling – Various practices used to tell the future


Geomancy – Fortune telling by the use of lines and shapes

Ghost – The spirit body of someone who has passed away from the Earth Plane of existence

Glossolalia- More commonly known as “speaking in tongues”. This can be anywhere from speaking a language that the person has not spoken prior to speaking in gibberish when in a trance like state.

Guide or Spirit Guide – Another topic hot in the New Age world. This is thought to be an entity for the purpose of guiding someone through their lives. This could be an ancestor, a soul mate who isn’t on this plane yet, or beings who specific purpose is to be a spirit guide.


Haunting – Paranormal activity in a place. This can be apparitions, ghosts, unexplained sounds, unexplained smells, etc over a period of time with a certain location

Hex - Also known as a curse. Used to bring “evil” or bad things into someone’s life.

Hypnosis – An altered state of consciosness where you are susceptible to suggestions or can delve deeper into your subconscious for answers


Illusion – An appearance that causes you to see something that might truly not be there

Indirect voice – A spirit uses the medium to speak to whomever is in the room with the medium. Oftentimes, the voice coming from the medium is not the normal voice he/she has.


Kirlian Photography – A type of camera that can take a picture that shows the aura of a person.

Kundalini – A vital energy usually manipulated in yogic practices that can provide energy to paranormal phenomenon

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