Magic Beans That Perk You Up and Save Animals

Magic Beans That Perk You Up and Save Animals
A critical component to wildlife welfare is the sustainability of their habitats. While there are companies who see this as a passive objective, Dean’s Beans makes it the center of their corporate business structure. Through focusing on fair trade with local tribes and practicing the principles of human rights, Dean’s Beans encourages landowners and nations to keep rainforests intact so coffee harvests remain profitable. When rainforests are cut down it results in desertification, killing off indigenous plant and animal life. The natural climate conditions of rainforests are critical components for lasting coffee growth. While many coffee manufacturers encourage growers to strip forest for higher short-term yields and profit gains, Dean’s Beans focuses on a sustainable approach by paying fair wages to local farmers for practicing responsible growth.

Human rights and economic stability are components critical to ecological stability and animal welfare. Without them, wildlife habitat decimation will continue on a downward spiral to the point of annihilation. This makes ethical business practices of paramount importance. Throughout the Industrial Era societies have made way for questionable business practices, holding corporations less accountable for detrimental impacts each passing decade. Forests have been stripped by companies to make chopsticks, toothpicks, and margarine. This hardly seems justifiable. Oil industries rationalize obliterating scores of rainforest to search for oil pockets with the promise of "cheaper gas" for people just on the horizon, which never comes. Aside from the catastrophic pollution complications generated by oil industries is the vast amount of toxic herbicides and insecticides used to kill the land and indigenous insects.

Dean’s Beans coffee growers are obligated to grow all of their crops organically to preserve the land and insects, sustaining nature’s life-cycles. The corporate philosophy is that the tiniest animal is as equally important as crop production and profit. The company is so committed to sustainable habitat preservation that it is a member of the United Nations Global Impact program.

Of course, to make this business practice successful means that their product needs to be affordable for purchase. People rally around these kinds of business models until the onset of sticker shock. Dean’s Beans are no more expensive than coffee beans found in grocery store bins. The big difference is that this company wants you to know how their products are made and brought to market. There is also the added benefit of it being the most amazing cup of coffee a person could hope to drink.

This is a responsible business model that should be the standard throughout commercial industries. The happy side effect to Dean’s Beans coffee is the knowledge that each cup supports human rights, economic stability, rainforest habitat preservation, and a thriving wildlife population!

To support this business model check out Dean’s Beans.

For those interested, sign the Stop Irresponsible Industrial Deforestation Initiative.

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