The Little Guides to Low-Carb

The Little Guides to Low-Carb
This small format book provides over 150 delicious recipes and some gorgeous photos to get your mouth watering. I adore the recipes - but the long, skinny layout makes the book hard to read.

The book is about 6 1/2 inches long by about 4 1/2 inches wide. That is, you're reading a long rectangle. It's fairly thick too, so the pages don't sit open very easily. Since the writing goes to both edges of the page, it's hard to hold the book open with anything without covering up the recipe you're trying to read.

But the recipes are great! They've got a wide range of dishes, from beef to chicken to salads and veggies. They have breakfasts, main meals, desserts, and side dishes. The instructions are straight forward and helpful.

And the photos! The photos are awesome. They lure you in to wanting to try making just about everything here. Some cookbooks have no photos at all and it's hard to know which items you might like. These photos convince you you will like everything they have. Which is a good thing. The more variety on your menu, the more satisfied you'll be!

The intro has information about a low carb diet - the importance of fiber, calcium, and other nutrients. There's a glossary of terms to help you understand what they're talking about.

But - and this is critical - there is no nutritional information at all provided with the recipes! No carb counts, no calories, nothing at all. So you are completely on your own in terms of knowing which food items will go with your current diet plans and carb goal levels. That is really bizarre for a book that is specifically touting itself as a Low Carb cookbook.

It's good to assume that their Watermelon Frappe has fewer calories and carbs than a "normal" recipe would have - but it would still be useful to know HOW many calories and carbs are in it, for meal planning purposes.

So a few issues here, but again the photos and recipes are great. So I'd use this as a starting reference to find something you want to work with. Then figure out its carb counts and put that recipe into your own notes - whether you use a notebook or an online system to store the recipes you tend to use a lot. That way you don't have to refer back to the book going forward.

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