Dairugger XV and Vehicle Voltron Episode Listing

Dairugger XV and Vehicle Voltron Episode Listing
This episode listing includes the episodes of Armored Fleet Dairugger XV, which served as the basis for the Vehicle Voltron episodes. This will then be followed by an episode listing for Vehicle Voltron.

Armored Fleet Dairugger XV
1. Galactic Clash
2. The Isolated Regiment
3. Farewell, Achilles
4. Rescue Mission to Hell
5. Battle for the Experiment Planet
6. Fall to the Meteor Shower
7. Annihilation of the Reinforcement Fleet
8. Specters of the Binary System
9. The Glorious Suicide Corps
10. Sneak Attack on the Space Fortress
11. A Momentary Truce
12. Legend of the Space Forest
13. The Enemy Within the Mind
14. The Earth Fleet's Counterattack
15. Breakdown of the Space Talks
16. The Two Rebellions
17. Orders for Asimov's Return
18. A Touch and Go Situation
19. Red Moon Rising
20. Desperate Struggle for Planet K
21. Arise, Galaxy Garrison
22. Ex-Commander Teles
23. The Mission to Recapture Planet K
24. Riot on Galveston
25. Bitter Struggle on the Planet of Light
26. The Snare of the Hell Planet
27. Storming the Space Fortress
28. Eldora's Plea
29. Uprising at the Space Fort
30. Earth's State of Emergency
31. Locate Enemy Headquarters
32. Destruction of the Front Line Base
33. The New Allied Fleet to the Rescue
34. Planet of the Burning Cave
35. Get Yourself Together, Mutsu
36. A Desperate Undersea Combining
37. Air Rugger Vanishes
38. Emma, the Female Captain
39. The Tears of a Rugby Player
40. The Boy Denon and the Elk
41. Discovery of the New World
42. Impending Crisis on the Inhabitable Planet
43. Teles and Asimov
44. Aki Team Gets Caught
45. Defend the Third Planet
46. The Fall of the Survey Base
47. The Invisible Super Weapon
48. Get Past the Tenth Planet
49. Entering the Final Zone of Defense
50. The Struggle for Galveston
51. Fierce Battle in the Underground City
52. Galactic Dawn

Vehicle Voltron
1. In Search of New Worlds
2. First Day on a New World
3. Building a New World
4. Goodbye New World
5. Try This World for Size
6. A Storm of Meteors
7. Help Not Wanted
8. Ghost Fleet From Another Planet
9. A Very Short Vacation
10. Planet of the Bats
11. A Temporary Truce
12. Wolo's Lost World
13. Planet Stop for Repairs
14. A Curious Comet
15. In the Enemy Camp
16. Who's on First
17. No, Who's on Second
18. What's on First?
19. Great Stone Space Faces
20. Defend the New World
21. Meanwhile Back at Galaxy Garrison
22. Nerok Scores Big
23. Hazar on the Carpet
24. Hazar is Demoted
25. Just Like Earth
26. The Planet Trap
27. Save the Space Station
28. Planet of the Amazons
29. Revolt of the Slaves
30. Raid on Galaxy Garrison
31. Smashing the Meteor Barrier
32. A Man-Made Sun
33. Captain Newely Returns
34. Hazar Bucks the Empire
35. Letters From Home
36. Peace! A Fish Story
37. The Red Moon People
38. This World's for the Birds
39. That's the Old Ball Game
40. Red Moon Rises Again
41. Another Solar System
42. Whose World Is It?
43. It's Anybody's World
44. Frozen Assets
45. Coconuts
46. It Could be a Long War
47. Color Me Invisible
48. Time is Running Out
49. Zero Hour Approaches
50. The Drule's World Cracks Up
51. The Drule's Surrender!
52. The End of Hazar's World

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