How to avoid drama in Martial Arts

How to avoid drama in Martial Arts
It seems at times that no matter what, if something involves people there will eventually be drama.

What is drama?
dra•ma [ˈdrɑ mə,ˈdræm əShow Spelled[drah-muh, dram-uh]
any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results

Drama is all the he-said, she-said that goes on in the school. It's all the whisperings behind the backs. It's all the who likes (or dislikes) whom this week.

Drama is all the tension that distracts from learning. Drama is one of the many reasons people stop training and lose their way along the path of the Arts.

Drama really has no room in Martial Arts (or life). It causes undo stress and anxiety. It can break people down and make people feel horrible about themselves and others. Drama clouds Martial Arts training and makes it difficult for people to get alone and truly respect what is available to them.

Here are some simple ways to avoid drama.

  1. Don't be the earpiece and megaphone.
    People talk. It's part of human nature. Perhaps someone will decide to tell you something about someone else. Don't just sit there and listen, especially if it's negative. You have the right to say, "Please I don't want to get involved."

    On the converse of listening, don't then be the person that goes around telling everyone else's story. If someone else tells you something in confidence it is NOT your duty to go spread the information to others. Being the megaphone is just propagating the problem.

  2. Do encourage openness.
    If you end up being the earpiece despite your best efforts, do try to encourage openness. When I took a class in conflict management at work, the first step to resolving a conflict is to ask the disgruntled party if they have talked to the other about the problem first. An often time, the root of the issue is a lack of communication and a misinterpretation. If the two parties are willing to openly share with one another, they may find a mutual ground which they can both exist and thrive in.

  3. Steer clear.
    Unfortunately, some situations just are never resolved and some people like to continue the drama. If you find yourself constantly being drawn into drama, it may be time to consider who the people you are hanging out with are and if they truly are a good influence to be around.

Remember, drama distracts from your true goal, to learn Martial Arts. It will rob you of energy that you could have dedicated to training. And ultimately the person that gets hurt will be you.

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