Star Blazers Box 3

Star Blazers Box 3
Star Blazers - The Bolar Wars - The Complete Series 3 Collection is a DVD box set that contains six DVDs; all 25 episodes that comprise this rarely-seen third Star Blazers series are included. There are five episodes on the first disc, and then four episodes on each of the remaining five DVDs in the set.

All six discs have a main menu that is designed to look like the bridge of the Argo. Most of the menu selections are named for stations found on the bridge: Navigation, Communications, Gunnery, Analysis, Science, Guidance, Engineering, and Radar. The only selection not labeled this way is "Play All Episodes." "Navigation" is the name used for "Scene Selection" in this menu. Under "Communications," you find a link to the official Star Blazers website, as well as the DVD credits.

Under "Gunnery," you can find a spaceship database for the factions represented in these episodes: the Star Force, the Galman Empire, the Bolar Federation, as well as Earth and Others. These databases include pictures and information on spaceships and weapons for each group that appear on each disc in the set.

Under "Analysis," you can find character data for the Star Force, the Galman Empire, the Bolar Federation, and others. Each entry has a picture of the character, the character's name, their rank, and their original name from Space Battkeship Yamato. On each disc, you only see the characters that are included in the episodes on that disc.

Under "Science," you can find a mecha database. The Star Force, the Galman Empire, and the Bolar Federation are represented. This feature includes pictures and names for the mecha that appear on each disc in the set

Under "Guidance," you can find stellar maps and episode guides for the episodes that appear on each disc. The stellar maps show where the Argo has traveled to on each disc. In the episode guide, there is an entry for each episode that appears on the disc, which gives the episode title, a synopsis of the episode, and still images from the episode.

Under "Engineering," you can find the Argo mechanics. On each disc, there are pictures of various locations inside the Argo. Under "Radar," you can find pictures of the various locations seen in the episodes that appear on each disc. Here, you can also find a preview of the next disc in the set; however, since the sixth disc is the last one in the set, the "Radar" option does not include a preview.

In the main menu, there is also a hidden link labeled as "Hidden Features." The hidden features on each disc are deleted scenes from the episodes that appear on each disc. Most of the footage only has Japanese audio and no subtitles. However, the deleted scenes on the third disc actually include subtitles; but, some of the footage ends up deteriorating into just being white on the screen, so you miss seeing some of the footage.

While I found the main menu on this set to be a little cumbersome, it's the only real complaint I have about this DVD box set. While the six discs in this set are available for purchase individually, I would recommend purchasing this box set. The individual boxes retail for around $30 each, so it would cost $180 to purchase all six. However, if you purchase this box set, the cost is only about $150.

If you're a fan of Star Blazers and want to get all of the Bolar Wars series on DVD, then I would recommend purchasing this set.

I wrote this review after watching a copy of this DVD box set that my husband and I purchased.

Disc 1
Disc 2
Disc 3
The Solar System Faces Destruction!
The Great Battle in the Milky Way!
Argo Sets Sail at Dawn!
Hit Mars!
SOS! Spaceship Legendra!

Bonus Features
Fierce Battle Near Planet 11!
The Rough Seas of Planet Alpha!
The Last Pioneer!
Duel at Planet Barnard!

Bonus Features
Counterattack of Dagon's New Fleet
Argo in Danger! The Demonic Cygnus Airspace!
The Penal Colony in Space!
Dreadful! The Bolar Federation!

Bonus Features

Disc 4
Disc 5
Disc 6
The Dimensional Submarines: Galman Wolf!
The Argo Is Captured!
The Day of Desslok!
Critical Moment of Desslok's Empire!

Bonus Features
The Angry Sun!
The Way to Planet Phantom!
Phantom Planet!
Shattered Hope!

Bonus Features
Farewell, Planet of Dreams!
Fierce Battle! Skalagek Star Cluster!
The Secret of Planet Gardiana!
Argo, Shoot the Sun!

Bonus Features

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